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Heart-Touching Wedding Songs For Your Big Day

Selecting musical compositions for a wedding is an important part of preparing for the celebration.

Of course, you can always rely on the taste of your DJ, but everyone knows that if you want to do something in the best way, do it yourself. 

Which songs are suitable for the bride and groom’s entrance, and which ones will make your first dance even more touching?

We will help you decide on the best wedding songs.

Heart-Touching Wedding Songs For Your Big Day

How Many Celebration Songs to Choose For the Big Day?

The playlist of the entire wedding day can be divided into several stages. So, what wedding songs should you choose in advance for the entire wedding procedure:

  • Songs for the ceremony (bride’s entrance, wedding vows).
  • Background compositions for congratulating the newlyweds and presenting gifts after the ceremony.
  • Celebration songs for dance compositions.
  • Bride and groom first dance.

Many newlyweds leave selection music for weddings to the discretion of the DJ or wedding planners. But you should personally take part in the selection of some songs — we’ll talk about them.

Which Wedding Songs Are Considered the Most Successful?

Many people associate almost every song and musical composition with something special, all those pleasant moments and people they once met or felt.

Romantic music is emotionally rich; while listening to it, the heart is filled with emotions associated with love experiences.

That is why, when preparing for a wedding, you will want to find exactly those intimate and romantic melodies that, as people say, make “the soul sing.”

Everyone believes romantic music is the best wedding song. Even if you are an avid rocker, at least one string in your soul will respond to a romantic melody.

Grab a list of the best wedding songs that are 100% suitable for any romantic moment at the wedding:

  • At Last — Etta James.
  • All of Me — John Legend.
  • Let’s Stay Together — Al Green.
  • Better Together — Jack Johnson.
  • Marry Me — Train.

How to Select Music for the Bride and Groom Dance?

This should be a song that conveys all your love for each other, mood, magic, and sincerity, one that suits your characters!

Perhaps you have “your special song” that is associated with pleasant events — a first kiss, an engagement, or you just like to sing it together — feel free to choose it. Listen to our selections below:

  • Perfect — Ed Sheeran.
  • I Won’t Give Up — Jason Mraz.
  • Say You Won’t Let Go — James Arthur.
  • The Luckiest — Ben Folds.
  • Thinking Out Loud — Ed Sheeran.

Pre-Ceremony Music

To make your wedding perfect, don’t forget about background music.

It saves the situation before the ceremony when the guests are seated and waiting for the newlyweds to come out.

You will agree that it is much more pleasant to enter the hall when light music is playing, slow or dynamic, and guests can chat quietly without feeling awkward. 

The possibilities for selecting the ideal music for a wedding are truly endless. Your Big Day will sound as seamless as it looks if you let your overall wedding style guide your choice and collaborate closely with your wedding planner.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.