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Guide To Lip Piercings and Lip Labrets – All That You Should Know

Are you thinking about lip piercing? Well – you need to get answers to a few questions, before you start looking for labrets, designs, style and anything to style yourself. You should first know about the different types of lip piercing, so that you understand, which type of piercing will suit you and your lip labrets do not cause you harm. Once, you know about different types of lip piercings, you can move ahead with your choice of wholesale G23 titanium lip labrets or check out the wide range of wholesale titanium lip piercings available at pocket friendly prices.

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Let’s understand the different types of lip piercings available. In most instances, available lip piercings do not actually pierce the lips, but they are generally place horizontally through skin and just below the lower lip and upper lip.

Vertical Labret Piercings

If you select vertical labret piercings, you need to know that these are generally placed vertically through lower lip area. This makes the top ball, comfortably sit centrally just on the top of the lower lip. The bottom ball is placed centrally just a lit below the low lip. Wholesale titanium g23 labrets, are specially designed to fit users comfortably, they sit well and do not cause stress. Available in a number of designs and sizes, you can pick any vertical labret piercing as per your wish. Make an online search and you will be flooded with great offers.

Horizontal Lip Piercing

This type of piercing is known to carefully puncture the skin, just below the lower lip, towards the ground. This ensures that a side of jewelry is in mouth while the other side is visible. Horizontal lip piercings typically placed on right or left section of lower lip. When this piercing is located in the center, it is known as labret piercing. Wholesale titanium jeweled steck labret or Wholesale titanium lip piercings are some of the trendiest products available, for youngsters to add to their fashion statement.

Labret piercing is stylish, quite attractive and enhances your style statement in every way. This is a specific lip piercing which is smartly located in the central section, just below the lower lip. Labret studs can be worn with any kind of attire. You can choose to style them for as your regular office, for your fun weekend parties or for your regular parties. If you choose to buy stretched labret piercing, you can also wear plugs, which definitely look awesome.

Have you heard about the popular Monroe piercing? This is a kind of horizontal lip piercing ( upper), done through the skin just on the left or the right side of upper lip. Monroe piercing is also popularly known as Madonna piercings, gets its name as it mimics the style of some of the most popular celebrities. Pick labret studs as these are the ideal piercings to style in Monroe Piercings. So what are you picking up – wholesale titanium g23 labrets or wholesale titanium jeweled steck labret? This is the most trending fashion jewelry of the year – why should you stay behind?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.