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Glo- Making Yoga at Home Simple and Fun!

lady doing yoga at home

Have you always wanted to try yoga, but you haven't been able to do so because of lack of time or scheduling issues? As a newbie has the fear of embarrassment at the yoga studio scared you off? Have the high costs of a gym membership been keeping you from actually doing yoga? Or perhaps there aren't any local classes in your town. Don't let these hurdles hold you back any longer. With Glo, the premier online yoga and meditation center, you can now make your dreams of yoga and fitness a reality. Read on to learn how to jump over all those hurdles and start improving your body and mind.

Scheduling Issues?

With Glo's easy to use the online platform, your busy schedule will no longer prevent you from doing yoga. Glo's online classes enable you to do yoga or meditation when YOU want, not when the local studio schedules it. You can work out at the time that is best for you and your body clock. Or the time that works best for your work or family's schedule. If you have 15 minutes in the morning, they have a class for you. They even have a 5-minute recharge session. They offer classes specially designed for the perfect yoga at home class. Class descriptions make it easy to see the time needed per class and the intensity level. Since you access the classes online, you can press pause and resume class when your schedule frees up. Glo classes can work for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Intimidated By the People at the Local Studio

As someone looking for yoga at home, those pesky people at the yoga studio can be very intimidating. Glo understands that no one wants to look awkward or embarrass themselves while trying out new fitness routines. Their yoga at home classes allows you to try out yoga in the comfort and privacy of your home with nobody watching. You do not need to have a cute outfit or curl your hair to get started.

High Gym or Yoga Studio Membership Fees

Perhaps you have wanted to try yoga but have not wanted to sign up for an expensive year-long gym or studio commitment? That is not a problem with Glo. There are no yearly membership fees, just a small monthly fee that is less than a class or two at most studios. No long-term commitment is required and you can cancel at any time. In fact, Glo offers a 15-day free trial. Nothing could be easier than that.

No Local Classes

If you live in a rural area, you have had even more obstacles to starting yoga. There probably are not any local yoga studios in your town. However, no local classes is no longer a problem because with Glo you have a “local” yoga at home class anytime and anywhere you desire, right in the palm of your hand via your smartphone or computer.


Glo has been recognized by Goop magazine and many others, as the premier online resource for yoga and meditation, and so much more. Glo not only offers yoga at home but also all types of yoga to meet any skill level and busy schedule time slot. They also offer various meditation sessions and Pilates too. Glo has over 3,800 different classes with a wide variety of types of yoga and other fitness methods. Their classes are taught by nationally known expert instructors and you can pick your favorites or try a different instructor every day. With unlimited classes every month you can take as many classes as you want. Get started today with Glo!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.