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Give Your Love a Beautiful Native Garden Book for Valentine’s Day

The perfect gift for garden lovers and nature enthusiasts is the gorgeous new book The Gottlieb Native Garden: A California Love Story by Mallory Smith! It’s about Susan Gottlieb’s garden and how she lovingly spent 25-years transforming her ivy-covered backyard to an urban oasis filled with California native and drought-tolerant plants. The result is a beautiful backyard garden where birds and wildlife thrive. She’s a dedicated environmental philanthropist, serving on the President’s Advisory Council for National Wildlife Federation and the Board of Directors of Audubon California and Friends of the Ballona Wetlands, and the net proceeds from all book sales will be donated to environmental nonprofits. The story is illustrated with more than 120 photographs taken by Susan.

Native Garden


About the  author: 

The Gottlieb Native Garden: A California Love Story

By Mallory Smith, Photography by Susan Gottlieb

Available at; Suggested Retail $50 (the proceeds of all sales will be donated to environmental nonprofits)


Renowned around the country and revered within the Los Angeles environmental community, the Gottlieb Native Garden is a National Wildlife Federation-certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. It is brimming with nature yet located less than a mile from the busy streets of Beverly Hills. Susan Gottlieb, the dedicated environmentalist who created the garden believes we could save the world if we all understood the power of native plants. This book is her story, as well as a larger one: the story of how to restore natural habitat and protect biodiversity with simple, individual actions.


With its abundant trees and flowers, dozens of birds and thousands of insects and arachnids, the Gottlieb Native Garden plays host to wildlife in all its beauty, at the grandest and tiniest of scales. It provides an example of what every one of us can accomplish by prioritizing nature. Through its photographs and its words, The Gottlieb Native Garden: A California Love Story captures the essence of this stunning space and reveals the fundamental importance of Susan Gottlieb’s mission to restore native plants all over southern California.

 I love this book and plan to share it with my Sweetheart. The pictures are glossy and beautiful. It relaxed me to just flip through the pages. Try it yourself and let me know your thoughts, 

Native Garden Cactus

Inside cover

Beautiful color photos


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