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Give Breastfeeding Moms Lil’buds

Give Breastfeeding Moms The Gift Of Relief This Holiday Season

As Moms, we do so much for our children.  Not only do we give of our time, love, and attention, but we also give them our bodies!  They live inside of us for a time and then we give up our poor breasts (if you’re a breastfeeding Mom or not).  Although it is all painful, we would do it again and again for our little ones.  However, you don’t have to live in pain anymore!  Lil’buds Comfort Packs are these great hot and cold packs that fit perfectly into your bra.  They will give your sore breasts some well-needed relief.

Give Breastfeeding Moms The Gift Of Relief This Holiday Season

Sore breasts are only some of the problems we have while breastfeeding.  Unfortunately, there is also blocked milk ducts, mastitis, and other infections that are terribly painful.  Even if you are fortunate enough to not have to deal with those problems, the tenderness, and pain of engorgement that happen while breastfeeding is certainly not fun.  Using Lil’buds Comfort Packs will definitely relieve the soreness you are feeling.  Using them as hot or cold packs as you wear them will feel amazing.  They also help to clear those clogged ducts!  The packs are filled with gentle smelling lavender and flax seeds.  Of course, they come in packs of two for, well, both of your “girls”.

These wonderful little miracles are shaped perfectly to fit into a tank top or into your nursing bra.  Imagine using these even while breastfeeding!  They fit right above the breast so that the baby can still eat and you can get relief.  The comfort packs come in some pretty prints and they even have three new ones.  They are Nautical Stripe, Donut Give Up!, and Violet.

It’s truly amazing what our bodies do as Mothers.  Not only while breastfeeding, but throughout the whole pregnancy.  When you think about it, the whole process is a miracle.  We go through all of this pain so that we can experience a new life.  Of course, it’s all worth it.

If you know any Mama’s that are breastfeeding, these breast comfort packs make a perfect gift.  Right now, they are giving 15% off of all products by using the code JOY

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Give Breastfeeding Moms The Gift Of Relief This Holiday Season

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