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Give Yourself a Break – Once a week!

Some days I feel like I don't stop running around. From kids activities, household errands to personal responsibilities, life can get pretty hectic no matter what time of year. Sometimes when I am caught up in my long to-do lists I forget to take some time out for myself. It is so important to give yourself a break every now and then so you can keep being super mom, super wife or super woman. Let's face it – everyone needs a break at some point.


Here are 4 easy ways you can schedule a break for yourself to recharge and refresh.

  1. Make time for a movie. If you've got time to catch a movie with a friend then go for it. I myself can't seem to ever get out so I set time aside to watch one at home. My favorite time is after the house has gone to bed. One late night every once in awhile really helps me relax. Besides, there are so many great films available by streaming or dvd that you won't run out of a good movie to watch anytime soon. 

  2. Grab a coffee or smoothie on the go. I love treating myself to a coffee or smoothie when I am in between carpool or chauffeuring my kids everywhere. Sometimes I am really craving a high calorie coffee drink and other times I go for a healthy smoothie to boost my energy. With either choice, I like to take some time to listen to my favorite tunes. If I time this right I can get some quality “me” time in between all of my pick ups and drop offs.

  3. Read a book. A lot of people say they don't have time to read and I haven't found that to be true if I really try to fit it in. I can read while exercising at home on a treadmill, while waiting to pick up the kids or sometimes I even wake up a little earlier. I know, sounds crazy to give up sleep to “relax” but a good hour of reading early in the morning really gives my day a good start since I feel like I got some time to myself.

  4. Get a spa treatment. A spa treat is really a splurge but I feel so pampered I'm ready to get back to a busy schedule. A massage would be ideal but that takes more time and money so I rarely get to indulge in a massage. A facial or other treatment might have a special online that I can take advantage of sometimes. But if that all is too much money, there is a local nail salon near me that has a great deal on a manicure, I am sure you can find an affordable place near you that offers something similar. If you don't have the extra cash, then buy a new nail polish and paint your nails at home or with a friend.

Even a little “me” time or pampering goes along way when I start to feel overwhelmed. So give yourself a break and enjoy some quality time by yourself so you don't get stressed or burnt out.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.