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Get Dad Something Useful, Stylish, and Sophisticated This Father’s Day

    If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time finding the perfect gift for you dad every Father’s Day. My dad loves pie, so every year I make him his favorite, but I struggle finding him a nice gift. Today I have a nifty idea that I think your dad (and mine) will love.

Get Dad Something Useful, Stylish, and Sophisticated

    Everyone needs an umbrella, and dad is no exception. But not just any umbrella makes a great gift. ShedRain® has fantastic umbrellas that dad will love! They’re introducing a new one called Stratus. After five years of design and development, it’s ready for your dad!

Useful and Stylish

    Stratus is made of two hundred and fifty individual and quality parts. It’s hand assembled and created from new molding that was designed specifically for this umbrella. The Stratus’ Trilobe™ shaped profile is deployed into both the shaft and the ribs to give it superior strength and torque. It’s reinforced with precision Aircraft Aluminum and Fiber Reinforced Polymer frame. The handle looks awesome with chrome detail from zinc alloy. The fine fabrics are coated with Teflon® too. A patented flange at the base of the umbrella keeps the tips from snagging on dad’s clothing, fingers, or other items. He can also remove the handle strap if he wishes. Each Stratus umbrella by ShedRain comes in a free-standing fabric case which makes it perfect for gifting to your daddy!

Useful and Cool Umbrella

Many other styles

    I’m giving my dad the Stratus Umbrella from ShedRain for Father’s day, but they have tons of other styles and color options to choose from too! You can choose from golf umbrellas for dad when he’s on the green! Or if you’re looking for a gift for mom, they have tons of stylish umbrellas, and a bunch of bubble umbrellas to choose from. My son Liam has asked for a bubble umbrella so he can “be a jellyfish when it rains!” They are super cool! ShedRain even has Shelter Umbrellas that are perfect for the beach, camping, sporting events and more.

Useful camping beach

Where to Buy

    To get one of ShedRain’s many umbrellas for father’s day, head to their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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