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Fun Dice Games To Play At Your Next Family Get Together

Dice games are engaging, and they promote a sense of healthy competition.

They also instill a team spirit in the players and develop your cognitive skills.

You can play them anywhere, even online.

Some youngsters may not be interested in conventional dice games, but they need not worry as the game designers have come up with many different games which even the younger generation has caught up with. 

There is no age limit in dice games because tweens, kids, and even adults can play them and have a good time.

However, here we will look at some fun dice games for adults and grown-up teenagers. 

Although these dice games have been designed with adults in mind, older kids and tweens can also play them.

Fun Dice Games To Play At Your Next Family Get Together

Dice games have been around for years, but their popularity soared when they were licensed.

Today you can enjoy dice games both with physical dice as well as online with virtual ones.


Bunco is played with 9 dice, and luck plays a major role in this game.

Usually, 12 people play this game, and all 12 split into teams of 4.

Whatever the number of players in the game, it should be divisible by 4 for the game to be played.

The game's rule is that the players should roll a number that corresponds with the current round that they are playing.

For instance, if the players are up to around 3, they should try to roll 3s, in round 5 the players should roll 5s.

If the dice rolled is successful in corresponding to the round then it is known as a Bunco.

A point is awarded every time a Bunco is claimed the winning team is the one that has the maximum points at the end of the game. 

Bunco's rules are somewhat Bohemian, which makes the game, so fun to play, and most players who play it say that it is an addictive game.

In fact, Bunco is one of the most popular dice games in the USA and even quite popular in other countries.

You can play Bunco on any occasion when there is a get-together of family or friends.


This is another popular dice game with simple rules and regulations. Players use two dice for rolling where each player is given an additional die.

The lives of the players after each round are dictated by the die. The game score starts at six and gets depleted eventually.

After every game, the lowest dice roll will be considered the losing roll, and that player will lose a life.

In the game of Mexico, the winner is one who survives while all others have rolled their dice and lost their lives.

Fun Dice Games To Play At Your Next Family Get Together

Shut the box

This game is pretty new on the dice games scene, but it has gained a lot of popularity in this short period of time.

The best part is that it can be played for either fun or money. Many dice games are straightforward and do not require much thinking.

However, shut the box is a game where you have to apply your intelligence which is why it is so much fun.

It is usually played with a wooden box that displays current number.

Each player rolls the dice, and when each number is matched, the numbers within the package are flipped over.

If the number one is the only number left, then the players have to roll the dice so that the final number is matched.

If a player can match all the numbers, then they are declared the winner. This game gets its name because once all the numbers are matched, you have to shut the box.

Many people play it for gambling, but it is also a fun game that families or friends can play.

Families play many other dice games, and you can search online for game ideas from the list by

You will find many games and the procedures to play them so that you can have a fun time when you get together with your families on any occasion.

Families bond better with such fun games, and when played with the right spirit, they will bring out the best in the players' personalities.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.