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Freely, A Monthly Subscription Box!

Over the last two years I have subscribed to many different types of monthly boxes. I have one for beauty products, I have one for different spices, and I even have one for my dog!  Being the Christian that I am when I found out about the monthly subscription box by Freely, I knew this would be something to add to my monthly packages.

Freely is for the lifestyle built on faith. It’s a monthly subscription to a box for Christian women, filled with all different types of items for a Christian lifestyle. The first thing I noticed about my box is how large it is. The cost of the subscription is $35 a month and I could not believe how large the box is and how many nice things you get for such a small price! First of all the box itself is very nice, and I plan on using that to wrap a Christmas gift.


My box came with six items, The first one I noticed was the new book Strong And Kind! Being a huge fan of Duck Dynasty, I started reading this book immediately. It has some really good pointers on character traits that children need to succeed in life. I will definitely hold onto this book and read it all the way through when I have children of my own. I also received a nice hard back journal that not only has a space for me to write in, it also has scriptures at the bottom to encourage me. There was a beautiful necklace made by  The charm on the necklace is actually made out of wood. It’s so cute and very lightweight you can’t even tell you have it on. There was a very delicious dark chocolate cherry and sea salt bar, and for everyone of these bars purchased the company gives a packet of life saving food to a child in need! I received a refrigerator magnet that has a cute little saying on it, and also some scripture shareable’s! These are unique little cards that have scriptures on them that you can share with anyone you think needs a little Joy or Hope! I loved all the items in this box and they will continue to bring me joy and encouragement! Freely would also make a wonderful gift! Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes?   If so, which ones are your favorite? 




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.