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Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag #EarthPakDryBag


The Earth Pak Dry Bag

20151220_193148Are you an outdoor enthusiast, camper, or traveler?  If so, Earth Pak has the perfect bag for you to keep all your items DRY!  The Earth Pak Dry Bags are also perfcet for  for  Water Sports: Kayaking, Boating, Paddle Boarding, and even Winter Sports like Snowboarding or Skiing! The Waterproof Bags are bright and easy to find, plus they float! The Dry Bags will also protect your belongings from dirt, sand, and all of the earth’s elements. 

ABOUT Earth Pak Dry Bag

  • DURABLE: Withstand all the elements with the durability in our dry bags. Our Dry bags are made with 500D PVC that is lightweight enough to carry along with you, but also durable enough to withstand everything that you choose to throw at it.
  • CONVENIENT SHOULDER STRAP: TAKE IT ANYWHERE! The Earth Pak Dry bag comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap made for all sizes. Whether you are hiking through canyons and waterfalls, kayaking, or simply going for a walk on the beach, you can just throw your dry bag over your shoulder and go! Bring this along with you as part of your essential camping gear or give this as a unique camping gift to your loved ones!
  • RAVE REVIEWS: Outdoor Enthusiasts, Travelers, Athletes, Campers, and Beach-Goers Agree that Our Bag Keeps their Valuables DRY! Experience the durability of our product for yourself! Many of our customers are buying these waterproof dry bags as unique camping gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

I can’t wait to go hiking up in the mountains this spring and bring my new dry bag. I usually go hiking then do some camping.  When I get home though I’m always finding sand and some of my stuff in the backpack is wet.  So this bag will help with all that mess. This is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. If we go up in the snow this year, best believe the Earth Pak Dry Bag will be the first thing pack.  

You can learn more about the Earth Pak Dry Bag on


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.