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Fragrance is a Sure Bet Gift

Fragrance is a sure bet for holiday gifts. I personally love to get it as well as give it to my loved ones.

Fragrance is a Sure Bet Gift

I was at Walmart last week, and checked out some of their women’s fragrances. (Have I said I have a “daughter” to buy for this year? So stoked about that!) Since I love to give fragrance gifts, I picked her out two that I think she and my son will both love.

fragrance 1

Hard Candy Black Eau de Perfume

To be honest, what caught my eye first on this one was the visual presentation. The gorgeous bottle is frosted black and the lid is a see through pink, acrylic heart. This one is flirty and feminine, outgoing and authentic, and cool as well as confident. It totally reminds me of my new “daughter.” The fruity, feminine, and floral blend has a sugar coated sweetness as well. I love it and as a matter of fact, I told my husband that Santa better have one under the tree for me too!

fragrance 2

Hard Candy Pink Fragrance

This one is like the polar opposite of black. The Pink bottle is still eye appealing, but in the reverse of the black. It reminds me of someone that is outgoing and playful, cool and sweet. Again, it reminds me of my “daughter.” This one is more floral than fruity. It’s fresh and crisp. Just like it’s Black counterpart, it comes in a Perfume or a body spray. They even have nice gift sets that are perfect for gifting.

fragrance 3

What I think

Both sets smell fantastic! I actually ended up grabbing the Hard Candy Perfume for myself. I adore it. Also, it doesn’t fade right away like many other fragrances. I’ve noticed that when sprayed right on my skin, it lasts for hours.

fragrance 4

TIP: Did you know you should apply fragrance right out of the shower? You dry off, and then apply because it’s when your skin is more likely to absorb the smell. Also, apply a thin dab of petroleum jelly to your pulse points on your wrist. THEN apply your fragrance. It keeps the smell “attached” to you longer. ;)

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