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Five Easy Ways To Save Money On Car Repairs

As much as one may love their car, most car owners despise getting their car repaired.

While it is a necessary task, car repairs can be surprisingly costly.

Experts say that an average American car owner should be prepared to shell out $1,400 in repairs for the first 25,000 miles of their car.

In fact, almost every long term car owner has had their budget completely turned upside down because their car has unexpectedly demanded repairs.

Something could get damaged, or maybe you need to have something done like material removal automaton.

Be that as it may, if you take proactive steps to maintain and care for your vehicle, the frequency and cost of getting it repaired will automatically go down.

Five Easy Ways To Save Money On Car Repairs

However, that’s not the only way to save on car repair costs. Here are a few other ways:

Steer Clear Of The Dealership

As a responsible car owner, your instinct may tell you to take your car to the dealership for repairs.

If that is the case, our advice is to ignore your instinct in this case.

While services of a car mechanic are certainly expensive, services (and spare parts) at a dealership are even more expensive.

Taking your car to the dealership for repairs is only advisable as long as your vehicle is under warranty.

Buy Your Own Parts

One of the major expenses associated with auto repair is the cost of spare parts.

Besides paying for the labour charges of the services of the mechanic, car owners also have to pay for the parts that are installed or changed on their vehicle.

More often than not, mechanics and dealerships charge a generous margin on the cost of the parts that they install on their customers’ vehicles.

However, smart car owners can reduce this expense by finding a cheap auto parts website and ordering the parts they need on their own.

Understand Your Vehicle Better

Understanding your vehicle is critical to free yourself from depending on the advice that you receive from mechanics or dealerships.

By learning about your car and the common problems that can occur with the various parts, you can enable yourself to diagnose the problems.

Only when you can do this, can you reliably order spare parts online and choose the right mechanic to work on your vehicle.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance, as the name suggests, is a set of activities that you can perform to:

  • Make sure that your car and its parts have a long lifespan
  • Identify problems before they evolve into serious, dangerous, and potentially expensive issues

A few things you can do as part of your preventive maintenance are regularly checking the fluid levels of your car, inspecting the brake pads, regularly ensuring your tyres have enough air pressure, and of course, keeping your car clean and tidy (even under the hood).

Find A Reliable Local Mechanic And Stick With Them

While not all mechanics have ill intentions in their heads, many are known to overcharge the customers that don’t understand cars.

Some may even charge you for services you don’t need.

While reading your car’s manual and understanding it better will surely help you avoid such scams, there will always be a probability of falling for an innovative scam if you keep switching the mechanics that work on your car.

That’s why, it is important to pick a reliable professional close to your home. To do this, you can start by checking out the reviews of local mechanics in your area.

However, don’t just depend on the reviews to evaluate a mechanic but be sure to evaluate the service you receive from them.


Being proactive with the health of your car can save you some serious cash on expensive car repairs. We hope that these tips helped.

Do you have any unique tips that have helped you reduce your expenses of car repairs? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.