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Finding the Perfect Teen Girl Gift!

Gift for Teen Girl

Finding the Perfect Teen Girl Gift!

Wouldn’t it be nice if a box just magically appeared at your home filled with AWESOMENESS for your teen girl? No shopping required or thought.  This makes shopping for young girls this holiday or anytime throughout the year a cinch!! Being a mom of a TEEN GIRL, it is super hard to shop for her and to be honest I’m lost on what to get her for this holiday or even on her birthday.

Strong Self(i.e)Finding the Perfect Teen Girl Gift!

Strong Self(i.e.) is a quarterly subscription box to help build up a community of STRONG girls by delivering handpicked items that are purposeful, positive and powerful. There are two boxes – Bloom (for 8-12 year old) and Burst (for 12-17 year old).  Each box will feature trendy products that represent the four corners of self(ie) strength: Health(ie), Smart(ie), Funn(ie) and Beaut(ie).

The company was founded by two moms who have girls themselves, that wanted to inspire this demographic to be strong and positive and to also encourage them to pay it forward. The boxes feature high-quality items (for example, one of the items in the December box is a Mermaid Pillow!) that many girls are looking to buy anyway. Now they are packaged in one easy shipment, cost a fraction of what they would pay for each item individually.  Then mailed to their home with a positive message every three months.

Finding the Perfect Teen Girl Gift!Order Now!

First Step is to ORDER: The STRONG self(ie) membership or gift box, and have it delivered directly to your door ot if giving as a gift to the teens’ door- GRANDPARENTS this would make your granddaughter very happy and no stress on your end!

She will receive the box!  She will enjoy the trendy, handpicked items that are carefully selected each quarter for their quality and positive message. Beautiful items that teens love.

She can take the STRONG self(ie) message to share pictures and use the hashtag #beyondthebox by spreading kindness, being true to yourself, and encouraging confidence in those around you. Confidence is important in these precious teen years, and I know my girl needs encouragement some days.

Each season they will ship a whole lot of awesome to your doorstep! Products inside are selected to inspire girls to be their STRONG self(ie). You can pause or cancel anytime. Hassle free! For the price (Under $60) for a box filled with at least $100 in value this box subscription so well worth it!

Finding the Perfect Teen Girl Gift!Think holiday season, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Back To School or a JUST BECAUSE you are special gift! All items pictured in this post was in the December box. 

Use: KELLY10 to get $10 OFF- Shop Now

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.