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Ethical Engagement Rings That Are Actually Eco-Friendly

It is the wedding season, and like many others, you are planning to propose the love of your life. We know it because that is what brought you to our page. You can also click here to find a 5-carat diamond price

You are on a hunt for a unique engagement ring, well, which ends with us. We not only provide you the ideas for unique rings but also rings that are eco-friendly.

Nevertheless, you will be astounded to know that a single engagement ring can produce 20 tons of waste. Yes, that’s true!

From the mining of diamonds and precious metals, to waste that pollutes the ocean and land. From groundwater waste due to cyanide poisoning that kills animals and fishes.

So if diamonds, gemstones, and metals are causing the problem, how can we make ethical choices? There are heaps of options; all you need is a sense of consideration. 

There are rings handcrafted from precious recycled metal with ethically mined stones and comes in ring boxes made from wood. They follow all operations that preserve the biodiversity and the local ecosystem.

Ethical Engagement Rings That Are Actually Eco-Friendly

Least you could do is shop RESPONSIBLY!

Ensure and then shop for engagement rings that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and incredibly unique. Find bright ideas on our list.


This is a beautiful ring with a Herkimer diamond, which has superb clarity and sparkle. A plus point, these are 100% natural. These stones can be set in sterling silver, making these ascension rings extremely durable and tarnish-proof.

So it lasts a lifetime!

The Herkimer diamond engagement ring is a superb eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds, and it is hard to distinguish from a real diamond.


This ring is a stunning and unique ring with recycled gold and diamond, making it ideal for your engagement. Check the 5-carat diamond price.

Artisans handcraft these rings and metals in the workshops without much harm to the ecosystem. 

From recycled yellow organic gold to rose-cut diamond, from disc rings to packaging with recycled materials, everything is hand made with eco-aware processes and materials.  

These rings are dainty and luxurious. Now, luxury doesn’t cost the Earth!


These are the best alternative to a pricey diamond engagement ring set. The stone has gorgeous sparkle and boasts sterling silver, which gives many couples life goals. 

It is also comfortable to wear while traveling or working. It has replaced the need for diamond-platinum rings that were distressing the environment.  


You can also take a giant leap with these eco-friendly ring bands made of the most beautiful wood, sterling silver lining, and diamonds. Find a 5-carat diamond price.

The use of sustainable wood for rings is unique yet intellectual, making it the choice of young customers. These rings consist of maple, walnut, oak, ebony, or other different woods. 


Inspired by Art Deco Design, elegant grey Moissanite and Natural Diamond ring with recycled gold is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a unique jewel. 

Reclaimed metal is not extracted from the earth but primarily processed at refineries to recycle it.

The materials of this ring are eco-friendly. 


These traditional rings are a perfect blend of originality and elegance that accentuates the beauty of your hand. Green sapphire and two pet it diamonds nestled in recycled yellow or rose gold make it gorgeous. 

It manifests romance and love with a look of classic solitaire and sparkling stones. It fits best either in a prong setting or in a band setting.  


These engagement rings are crafted from precious recycled metals, saving Earth from waste and being scratched for extraction, and conflict-free diamonds. Find a 5-carat diamond price.

This jewelry piece is a timeless and beautiful heirloom, which symbolizes simplicity and ethereal sensibility. The finessed stones with exquisite metalsmithing require great attention but give and effortless dainty look. 


Eco-friendly rings are not classy, said no one ever!

Another item on the board is the symmetrical ring with round cut champagne diamond featured in ethically sourced prong-set. While choosing rings, young customers want to know the story of the stones and their mining process. They want conflict-free diamonds. 

And this can be it. With lab-grown diamonds, these rings highlight the shine in the eyes and are an example of a statement piece, yet being environment friendly. 


This asymmetrical ring presents a rough diamond of ethical origin with two apricot sapphires on each side of the stone. Isn’t it an exclusive combination?

 This raw diamond pours a sense of rarity and is of the most exceptional quality and certification. It can be paired with a yellow gold ring and polished for an A-class finished look.

These are handcrafted, so each piece is unique, and the variations are considered part of the beauty of the design. 


A single solitaire – an instantly elegant and modern heritage engagement ring with classic lines and proportions! Permanently set with a round and cultivated brilliant diamond, this ring couples effortlessly to a multitude of alliances; change of mood and period depending on the pairing.

Designed to last a lifetime and of ethical origin, the Swan ring is assembled and finished by hand. Learn more about diamonds and the price of a 5-carat diamond.

Parting Thoughts

Handcrafted! Unique! Stunning! Made for You!

It is our little list of sustainable engagement rings. We are a part of a civilized world that should be responsible for practices that make the environment more sustainable by going “green” and minimizing waste. 

That is the main reason why many young consumers want sustainable products, and hence “green companies” are surfacing. 

So you can also invest and put efforts to choose variedly cut lab-grown diamonds and stones. Check the 5-carat diamond price. Keep in mind the recycled precious metal rings with eco-friendly packaging. 

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