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Erase Those Zits With The Pulsaderm A.C.E. Blue Acne Clearing Eraser

If you’ve ever had acne, you probably know what a struggle it can be to deal with it and eradicate it. As a teenager, I don’t think I ever found a medication that truly got rid of my acne completely. So, it was a lot of trial and error in finding a solution. When acne is so stubborn, you just wish there was an easy way to get rid of it and be done with it.  Well, maybe there is.  It’s called the Pulsaderm A.C.E. Blue Acne Clearing Eraser.

What Is The Pulsaderm A.C.E. Blue?


It’s a handheld tool that is battery operated and utilizes blue light therapy via 9 LEDs to help clear up mild to moderate acne (it is not for severe acne). When using it, you can do 2-minute treatments up to 3 times a day. During a treatment, you turn the device on and place it onto the acne. It’s that simple. To make it even simpler, it shuts off automatically after 2 minutes! The device is very light and small and it comes with the batteries (3 AAA batteries).  It would be easy to pack and take with you and it’s discreet (there are no big letters on it saying “Zit Zapper”).  It actually looks like a big, high-tech blush stick.

The Pulsaderm A.C.E. Blue Acne Clearing Eraser has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. And, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

There are some warnings on the box, giving notice of some of the situations in which use of this device is contraindicated.  I have taken a photo of the side of the box so you can read about the warnings for yourself and make sure the device is right for you.


It retails for the price of $40, which is fairly inexpensive when you compare it to all the money we can spend on acne-fighting medications.

Acne is no fun.  And, acne topical medications can be messy (especially when you sleep with them on your face).  The Pulsaderm A.C.E. Blue is far less messy. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up much of your time. With Mother’s Day coming up, it could make a nice addition to a skin care gift basket. Check it out!

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