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Customize Your Easter Baskets with SCEN-TIES

Easter is just around the corner. Some people buy their children prepackaged Easter baskets from stores. Other people may choose to customize their children’s Easter baskets. Either way you go, your children will be happy to receive a basket. However,  it more fun customizing your child’s Easter basket with items that you know they will love and even surprising them with new things. SCEN-TIES are the perfect for adding a twist to their baskets this year.


SCEN-TIES are adorable elastic hair bands that are scented with fun fragrances that smell amazing! The hair ties come in different scents ranging from strawberry, cotton candy, bubblegum, to watermelon, brownie sundae, sour apple, and cupcake. If you tug on the tiny fabric tag on each elastic hair tie, you will activate the wonderfully yummy scent!

The SCEN-TIES are more than just a good smelling hair accessory. They are the first in a category that they look call the  TOYCESSORIES, an accessory that is also a fun, interactive toy. With SCEN-TIES, you can Stretch ‘em, Sniff ‘em, Wear ‘em, Share ‘em!

Customize Your Easter Baskets with SCEN-TIES2 (1)

Stretch ‘em

To activate and intensify the scent, SCEN-TIES has a patent pending consumer activated pull tag. You can Stretch ’em a little or stretch ’em a lot to smell your favorite scent.

Sniff ‘em

An innovative technology, called micro-encapsulation, is used to increase the stablitiy and life of the fragrances in the SCEN-TIES. All of their fragrances have been created to comply with The International Fragrance Association Standards.

Wear ‘em

Not only are SCEN-TIES the perfect way to keep your hair in place, they are also great for wearing on your wrist as a bracelet. Each elastic has a tag that showcases an icon of the scent on it. So no matter if it is on your wrist or your hair, everyone will know that you are wearing SCEN-TIES!

Customize Your Easter Baskets with SCEN-TIES2 (1)

Share ‘em

To add on to how fun SCEN-TIES can be, a focus group showed that girls also liked to share their SCEN-TIES with their friends and other girls. The focus group also showed that girls like to keep certain scents for themselves.

As you think about what kind of Easter basket you will get this year, think about adding some SCEN-TIES. They smell so good, the scent is long lasting, they come in bright colors (2 different colors per pack that correspond with scent) and  are fun to wear!

SCEN-TIES retail for $5.99 per package which includes five Scenties. They are sold online ​at and ​in retailers nationwide.​

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