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Electric Smoker VS Gas Grill: Which One is For You

Electric Smoker VS Gas Grill: Which One is For You

If you are a smoked food lover; you find yourself craving them constantly or making up excuses to throw a barbeque party, then it’s unquestionably time to buy the right kitchen appliance that will make your life easier. The real question that pops up once you have set your mind on buying new cooking is whether to buy the classic old grill or go with the flow of technology and buy a new smoker. While both will get the job done, they differ quite a bit when it comes to features, advantages, and disadvantages.

If you are confused between electric smokers and gas grills, then keep on reading because we will view in details everything that you need to be aware of.  

Electric Smokers  

What distinguishes this option is the convenience of the push-button ignition that spares you all the hassle and the experience required to make a fire which other appliances need. The advantage and disadvantages can vary from one model to the other. According to Jack Smith from, Masterbuilt 20071117 is the best model for first timers with all its pros. The cool thing about these reviews is that you can find the pros and cons of the best 10 models for 2019 so you can compare and choose what suits your needs the most.  The electric smoker has been the greatest entry device for beginners looking to try out barbecuing without all the hassle of a wood fire, air flow, duration of smoking, and adjusting heat manually.

Back in the old days, electric smokers were considered expensive, but nowadays, you can find a lot of cheap and great ones with ease. You get to have a lot of options that may not be available in a standard smoker or grill; timer, where you can just set a specific time and it’ll do all the work; temperature controls, you can easily set the smoker at a specific temperature and it will remain constant throughout the whole cooking process. So, if you’re someone not looking for a challenge and simply wants to perfectly smoke or barbecue something, an electric smoker is the more convenient option.

Gas Grill

A lot of opinions differ about the best type of grill, whether it’s electric, gas, or charcoal. But it’s known that gas and charcoal offer the best flavor when grilling. Gas grills are also considered a starter grill compared to charcoal grilling, but the convenience that it provides could make it more popular in backyards. It can cook faster since it maintains a constant temperature and the meat is cooked evenly. All the extra fat can drip off during grilling, which makes it a healthier path, but it is easy to burn the meat if you don’t rotate your food often enough. Many may argue that charcoal grills offer better flavor, but they are still a handful to deal with if you’re a beginner.

Grills and smokers may have some features that overlap together, but they operate mainly for different purposes and methods of cooking. A smoker doesn’t cook food from scratch, it utilizes lower temperatures than the grill to smoke it. Smoking food has an edge over grilling it because the amount of nutrition preserved from smoking is much higher. If you’re looking for convenience and health benefits, then electric smokers should be the way to go.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.