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E-Blox – Building Blocks That Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

Building blocks of any sort are one of those classic toys that just never get old.  Building blocks today are no where near what they were when I was a kid.  Now there is a really cool building block system called E-Blox®.  The “E” in E-Blox® stands for electrical circuitry. When children put these blocks together, they can utilize the tin-plated blocks from the pARTS™ line which connect to a battery block which, in turn, can power the electrical component blocks. The result?  You get to light up your creations! And, to make it even better, there are no wires to worry about.

E-Blox 1

E-Blox® takes building blocks to a whole different level. And, kids are super excited when they see they can incorporate lights into their built creation.  It's quite impressive.  And, E-Blox® are compatible with other building brick sets, which opens up the possibilities even more.

What E-Blox® Sets Can Do

E-Blox 2

Their pARTS™ Plus Set is the winner of the Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award for 2017! This is the set I received and my little 10-year-old friend, Bob, tried this set out for me and he had a blast.  He built a cat whose eyes light up, which is pictured above.  If you go here, you can watch the video of how to make the cat. The set comes with over 70 parts and sells for $43.99 on their website. They also sell a pARTS™ Starter Set ($32.99), which comes with 25 parts and allows you to light up your 3D circuit as well.

E-Blox® also has more advanced sets like the pARTS Pro or Flashing Frenzy. These sets allow kids to build more advanced circuits that have lights that light up and flash. They also have some really cool Circuit Builder™ kits. For example, the Circuit Builder™ 120 teaches kids how to make an FM radio that you can actually listen to radio stations on (I want this one). The Circuit Builder™ Kits encourage kids to learn about electricity, current and voltage.

E-Blox® provides such wonderful STEAM toys, encouraging children to learn about electricity and circuitry (among other things).  It even stimulated my curiosity to learn about the science behind E-Blox®  (I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff). It's weird, but so neat, that electricity can be utilized using these blocks.

When dealing with electricity, safety is always of prime concern. Go here to read about the company's page on product safety.

E-Blox® are intended for children 8 years and up.

If you want to see videos of what E-Blox can be utilized to create and how it works, you can watch videos on their website and on their YouTube channel. You may find yourself buying your child some E-Blox and extras so you can play, too!

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