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Don’t Send Them Back to School With Pimples

Heading back to school can be nerve-wracking to teens, especially if they’re new to high school. Worrying about finding classes, locker combinations and more is so stressful. Pimples can erupt from stress, and then cause even more upset. Give them one less thing to worry about this school year.

Don’t send them back to school with pimples

Breakouts suck, no matter your age. However, for teens it’s probably a bit more upsetting. Hormones are flaring and last thing they need destroying their confidence is a blemish. That’s why we use 7th Heaven facial masks. They have over thirty years of experience in creating luxurious and effective facial care. Not to mention they’re one hundred percent natural and safe for all skin types. (Oh and they never test on animals either!)

peel away pimples

Get rid of blemishes and clear the skin

The Tea Tree Oil Peel Off Mask by 7th Heaven is a fantastic anti-blemish mask. It not only cleans your skin, but calms it too. Tea Tree is a natural acne fighter and perfect for all skin types. It’s easy too. Just wash your face, and apply the Tea Tree Oil Peel Off Mask. Sit back and relax for about twenty minutes (or until you feel the mask is dry.) Then just peel it off. This is one of my eldest son’s favorite masks. He uses one at least once a week.

witch hazel

Many other masks

7th Heaven has a ton of masks to choose from. I personally love their self heating masks. The heat opens your pores and clears out excess oils. In the winter I love their Charcoal Masque. The charcoal purifies your skin while the walnut exfoliate it. My eldest son loves this mask too.

They have a bunch of other masks, and even a men’s collection. They have masks for your hands feet too. Problem pores on your nose? Then check out 7th Heaven’s Charcoal Pore Strips. Bottom line, stock up on some 7th Heaven masks for your teens. They’ll thank you for it.

tea tree mask

You can find 7th Heaven products at Walmart and Ulta. You can also follow via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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