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DIY – Storage Boxes

I am always amazed as I walk through the home goods section in the store when I find printed storage boxes. I am so tempted to buy every pattern I like just because EVERYTHING looks better in a pretty box. So when I needed some storage boxes for my office, I went on the hunt. Unfortunately, I was really surprised by the price tag. Oh, some boxes were under $10 but they were awfully small, more like the size of a shoe box. 

So I searched online to find a better option. I found multiple ways to make your own covered boxes. Some crafters were using a material and sewing a liner or cover for a square basket. Some were using paper mache newspaper to cover them.  Neither of these options was what I was looking for.

I wanted an easy and quick way to cover a box. So I bought some spray glue, a roll of really thick wrapping paper and got a used printer paper box. After spraying it thoroughly with the glue, I carefully covered the whole box with the wrapping paper. There were some tricky corners that required more glue, but all in all, it was so easy. I highly recommend using printer paper boxes, the lid looks amazing once it's covered and the box itself is super sturdy.

I have put the box in my closet office on the top shelf and it has held up perfectly. The spray glue really adheres well to the box so that even when I am taking it up and down, it doesn't rip. As I mentioned before the wrapping paper I bought was thicker than normal. It needs to be a specialty type paper so that it won't rip. I found mine at Tuesday Morning for $4 and there is plenty left over for at least two more boxes if I wanted.

DIY Storage Box by Eliza

The other box I made was also from Tuesday Morning and I bought it plain black and just needed a splash of detail added. So I used the contact paper from my local dollar store to make it coordinate with the rest of the office.

In the end, I am very pleased with both of my boxes that even with all the supplies they were still cheaper than buying one box! It's moments like this that make it so satisfying to find other ways of achieving the same look. So next time you need a storage box remember to be on the look out for thick wrapping paper. I  would love to make a box for the kids room in their favorite cartoon character, or any other room in the house that could use a better place to organize!

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Priscilla Sherman

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

I love such boxes! Thanks for sharing how to make it by myself. I will do it for sure, because I love storing my stuff in boxes like that. Best regards

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.