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DIY Organizer- Get rid of your Junk Mail pile!

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to open my kitchen cabinets. There is a cabinet specifically that is the one place where all my junk mail, coupons, and bills end up. As hard as I would try to keep it clean, eventually I would end up having a pile of old mail, ads, coupons and everything else. 

I was cleaning this particular pile when I realized, I could do better. I have tried a junk mail basket, tote, drawer and every other type container to control junk mail build up. Each time I have failed. I have finally found a way to organize everything AND have a clean cabinet and counter top! I am calling it the cabinet organizer. 

As usual, I don't like to spend money if I can make it myself. So I was looking at the inside door of my cabinet thinking how can I use this space? I have always taped important receipts and documents here for use in the future. Now I just needed a way for it to hold more items.


Organize your Junk Mail

Here's what I did. I grabbed a mismatched laminated place mat and cut it to the correct size. I got my super handy packing tape and taped it to the inside of the cabinet. Next I grabbed my pack of chalkboard labels that I grabbed from the dollar store. Now I have a super fun pocket that all my important mail and documents can sit in. I would be careful how much you stuff in the pocket because tape isn't meant to hold a too much. For me, though, it is the perfect amount of space to hold the current bills, coupons and receipts I need. No more crowded cabinet, no more being ashamed to open them in front of friends. Make the pockets big or small it's up to you!


Organize Junk mail

Since this worked so well, I made pockets ( using another place mat) in one other cabinet using colored duck tape to secure it. Both the clear tape and colored duck tape have held up and I am sure you can think of what will work for you. Instead of a place mat, I am sure you could use any type of card stock paper. This has really changed how I organize. I have my important bills and current coupons handy but they don't build up like they used to. Now I can finally say “I don't have a junk mail pile”!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.