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Did Someone Say Happy Horror-days

As many of you may know, this is the month of horror and scares.

Which means its only right to make sure you plan a few nights where you can gather the entire family for a great movie.

With the Halloween season in mind you have a lot to think about.

There are tons of entertainment options out there that can get the job done.

Although there is one film in particular that you may want to consider grabbing this year.

Time To Get On The Edge Of Your Seats

When it comes to entertinament, well, you want to find something that everyone would enjoy.

This is the perfect season where everyone is expecting a few scares.

Well, Season’s Screamings and Happy Horror-days folks!

Just in time for the most spooktackular time of the year, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will have you on the edge of seats with an all-new original feature-length horror film – Toys of Terror.

David and Hannah Cashman have promised their family a fun Christmas getaway, but when they arrive at a grand, old house in the snowy woods of Washington and are greeted by familiar construction foreman, the kids realize their parent’s plan to make it a working vacation; renovating the place in the hopes of flipping it.

Alicia, the eldest, is annoyed but the younger kids are soon distracted when, wandering through the creepy mansion, they find a stash of old toys in an abandoned playroom and take to them instantly.

Before long, they seem to be inseparable from their new playthings, much to the consternation of their nanny Rose who, along with Alicia, senses that something in the house is not quite right.

As stranger and stranger things start to happen, Rose and Alicia have a hunch that there may be more to the history of the old house than the Cashman’s are letting on. 

Can the family escape with their lives – or will they stay forever in the crumbling house, never to celebrate another Christmas again?

This featured film will arrive on Digital October 27, 2020 and on Blu-ray and DVD January 19, 2021!

Plus, Toys of Terror will also be available on Movies Anywhere as well!

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