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Getting Creative with Creativ’ Craft – Stencil Drawing

Drawing is always going on in my house.  My husband is an airbrush artist, so the kids have grown up with art. My daughter has her daddy’s love of art and is always wanting to draw.  She loves to create.  What drives me crazy is all the paper, pens, crayons, and artwork scattered in the back seat of the car and on her table in the house. I tell her to clean it up all the time BUT she is an artist, and they do things a bit different, believe me, I’ve been with her daddy for 19 years.  So instead of getting on her all the time I gave her the DRAWING STENCILS ART SET BY CREATIV’ CRAFT.

Now everything is in one bag, and she can DRAW her little heart out without making a mess. We are always in the car, so the Stencil Set was a big hit with her.  She couldn’t believe how many stencils there are and to have a carrying case with everything inside so she can take with her everywhere, she loves it! 


  •  12 stencils (11x8inches-0.05 thick), 10 colored pencils, 20 sheets of drawing paper and 1 sharpener
  • Reusable, washable, with more than 260 shapes offering different levels of difficulties
  • Solid, Reusable and Non-Toxic Set. CPSC certified product for 4+ years old
  • Designed to be easy to carry and light weight
  • With more than 260 shapes to match all tastes: Jungle, Farm and Ocean Animals, Cars, Boats, Numbers, Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, Symbols, Space, Princess, Circus & Dinosaur. 

 Enhance Your Children’s Artistic Side Now and Everywhere!

Creativity in kids (even adults) is so much fun to see what they come with and create.  I love to see my daughter drawing far more than her being on the phone, computer or watching TV.  Electronics have become a big distraction in my kid’s life so when I see them doing something else it makes me a very happy mom! 

Even going out to a restaurant the Drawing Stencil Set is handy, she can keep busy while we wait for the food or even service in some places.  She made Thank You picture for the waitress at IHOP the other day, that was super sweet.  

After looking at the stencils, several ideas hit me for DIY projects- cupcake holders, invites, stickers for cups, games, the list can go on and on. Art opens up our visionary senses so enjoy and create! For beginner drawers or even adults who can’t draw (me), stencils are a wonderful way to learn and gain the confidence of drawing.  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.