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Create Lifetime Memories Through Spectacular Summer Sanctuaries

By now we are all familiar with the term staycation, but its finally time to start traveling again.

While that may be the case, the challenge is figuring out what to do. Finding the perfect place that offers the experience you are looking for.

There are different summer options that we consider fun.

So finding somewhere that can offer you those type of options is the key, so what is the best way to do so.

One of the best way to do just that is through a vacation rental whether its by week or month.

Where you want to go is Sanctuary Vacation Rentals!

Sanctuary makes it easy to find the perfect getaway home that will nurture body, mind and spirit — while providing the perfect jumping off point to savor all the delights of the scenic Central Coast.

Time To Create Those Lifetime Memories

Create Lifetime Memories Through Spectacular Summer Sanctuaries

Sanctuary’s unique vacation homes have plenty to offer in terms of creating those memories.

From ocean views to fun, you’ll have plenty to take in. Not only that but the enviroment and surroundings encourage you to connect with one another.

Here are the details you need to know about what Sanctuary has to offer:

1. Attractions

  • Home to the stunning Monterey Bay Aquarium (now open after a long pandemic closure), the Monterey Peninsula is defined by its beautiful bay teeming with sea life.
  • Otters frolic in plain view, and whales visit these waters year round. Step on a charter boat between May and October and you might see blue whales, which can be more than 30 metres long.
  • The city of Monterey is also steeped in history, full of expertly restored adobe buildings from California’s Spanish and Mexican periods. Brought to life in works by novelist John Steinbeck, Cannery Row is a treasure trove of shops, bars and restaurants. And nothing beats a bowl of clam chowder on Fisherman’s Wharf.

2. Great outdoors

  • Monterey Bay is a premier destination for those who love the outdoors. Biking, hiking, walking, boating, paddle-boarding, kayaking, hang gliding and animal watching are just a few of the activities that lure visitors.
  • Some prefer to just comb the dog-friendly beaches, or enjoy the smaller sea life in the rich tidepools. Others want to walk while chasing a little white ball. The golf courses here are legendary, including the world’s most famous public course — Pebble Beach Golf Links.

3. Events

  • While the pandemic washed out many of the planned events last year, it’s looking up for 2021. Plan now for the return of the Monterey International Blues Festival in June and the historic Monterey Jazz Festival in September.
  • There’s the Artichoke Festival, the Scottish Games and Celtic Festival, the Carmel Bach Festival, Pacific Grove’s Feast of Lanterns, Sand City West End Celebration, Turkish Arts and Culture Festival, and the legendary Concours d’Elegance, which kicks off Classic Car Week throughout the Peninsula. Check the calendar  at for up-to-date information. 

This summer you have the chance to turn your vacation into something special.

The more memories you create the more you’ll have to talk about later on. There’s nothing wrong with bring the family together at a peaceful location.

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