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4 Tips For Creating A Mini Coffee Bar at Home

Are you someone who depends on your morning coffee to wake up in the morning?

Or perhaps coffee is your drink of choice and you love nothing more than brewing a cup that is rich in taste and aroma?

All coffee lovers will want to give their home a caffeine boost by crafting and placing a mini coffee bar into their home so that they can have a constant supply of coffee while also making their favorite drink of choice a focal point within their home.

4 Tips For Creating A Mini Coffee Bar at Home

No matter how small your home, or the aesthetic you are aiming for, there are many coffee station options that will fit your kitchen.

Interested in living out your barista dreams within the confines of your own home?

Here are our top tips for creating a mini coffee bar that will satisfy even the biggest coffee fan.

1. Choose Your Aesthetic

Your home will most likely have an aesthetic, so make sure your mini coffee bar matches the style of your home so that it doesn’t seem out of place.

Popular coffee bar aesthetics include elements of French-inspired décor, rustic décor that includes wood, or a coffee bar with a Norwegian theme.

Whatever theme you settle on, make sure to research the small details you can include so that your coffee bar looks finished and complete.

2. Decide on the Size of the Coffee Bar

‘Mini’ may be in the title of this article, and while you probably won’t want a huge coffee bar overrunning your home, you will still need to work out the exact dimensions.

You should do this once you have the coffee machine you wish to use in mind as well as an idea of how you are going to store your mugs, coffee and even spoons and sugar.

Where you choose to place your coffee bar will also impact the size of it.

For instance, if you have a small kitchen but a nice corner to place your coffee bar, then you will want to work around these logistics so that you can make sure it fits into the room seamlessly.

3. Which Coffee Machine Will You Buy?

There are numerous coffee machines to choose from, however certain coffee machines provide you with plenty of flavors for you to enjoy and can also be easy and quick to use with minimal clean up afterwards.

These are all huge selling points for busy professionals who may wish to drink a quick cup of coffee before heading out to work.

One popular coffee machine you should heavily consider is the Nespresso Machine.

4 Tips For Creating A Mini Coffee Bar at Home

Not only is it simply to use and extremely quick, but there are plenty of flavors to choose from.

You can select and order your preferred roast from websites such as Gourmesso easily, as websites such as these have plenty of great flavors that are also extremely easy to store due to their capsule-like shape.

After all, no coffee bar is complete without a variety of coffee and roasts to choose from, so you should also expand your horizons and order coffee beans from around the world, too.

Kopi Luwak offers something totally new with their coffee varieties, for example. Place your different coffee roasts in little sealable jars for extra charm.

4. Have a Place to Hang Your Mugs

If you are running out of space, or you wish to add some whimsical charm to your coffee bar, hang your coffee mugs and cups from the wall.

Add little hooks and then hang your most precious and beautiful mugs so that everyone can see them.

By doing this, you are also making it easier to grab a cup of coffee, too.

Coffee lovers will dream of having their own little coffee bar, and while you may consider this a luxury, anyone can actually create and enjoy one within their home.

Decide on an aesthetic, the coffee machine and beans you wish to have, and finish it off by adding small, little touches that make it personal to you.

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