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Could Spending Time Outside Be the Key to Lowering Your Stress Levels?

The notion that children should play outside more often is undisputed. Why does this thought process disappear as we age? You don’t see many people urging adults to get outside instead of binging Netflix shows.

Unfortunately, that lack of time spent outdoors could be contributing to some serious issues. In fact, a study released in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that people who live within one kilometer of a park or wooded area experienced significantly less anxiety and depression than those who lived farther away from a green space.

Stress Relief in the Great Outdoors

Being outdoors also decreases stress levels significantly, which can be a significant contributor to depression and anxiety. A study released in 2013 that revealed that simply taking a walk in a green area can put the brain in a meditative state and decrease stress levels. Adding trees to the walk can even reduce cortisol in the blood, as well as feelings of stress and anxiety.

Being outside has other health benefits as well. It’s the best place to get your source of Vitamin D, you’ll sleep better, your immune system will improve, and many of your cognitive functions with improve. So now that you’re convinced to spend more time outside, here are some great ways to spend more time outdoors.

Start caring about your landscape

On average, Americans spend four hours a week caring for their lawn and landscape. That adds up to 208 hours a year, which is equal to more than eight days. So, take interest in the green space in your own yard! Start a garden, whether it be flowers or produce. Even mowing your lawn can help you get outside and provide a great workout, to boot. Your body will appreciate it. What’s even better is that landscaping can increase your home’s resale value by 14%, so your wallet will thank you too.

Exercise outdoors

Exercising outdoors is the best way to keep your body in good physical and mental shape at the same time. You can try swimming, biking, hiking, or even backyard yoga. No matter what your exercise routine of choice is, you can probably do it outside. Even taking a walk around the block with your dog can be a great way to get yourself some fresh air.

And there you have it! Spending time outside not only feels good, it’s good for you in more ways than one. Try out one of the activities listed above and get your daily dose of fresh air and stress relief today.

Early morning with sunrise in pine forest

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.