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Cleaning With Natural Products to Start Your Spring Off Right

Cleaning is a sure sign of Spring. I don't know about you but I like natural products for cleaning. I also like it when they actually work and make my life easier. I tried five great products from Shabby Chick's new natural cleaning product line. Here are five of the basics, 

Shabby Chick Collection

First I tried the Isabel glass and appliance cleaner. It has a fresh fragrance. I used it on my white stovetop and oven door as well as my range hood. It worked great to get the stains and the grease off my range hood and the scent was pleasant and not overpowering. 

Next up was the Evan bug spray. Even though its cooler weather I still have gnats and fruit flies around so I sprayed a bit on my hands when I walked the dogs today. I didnt see any bugs. It came   in a great size to fit in my travel bag so I will be taking it when we cruise next month. We always run into critters when we are in the tropics. 

Next up was the Anabel all purpose cleaner. I used it in my bathroom on the sink and cabinet. Got up all the dirt that collects there and again had a pleasant scent. Not at all overpowering. I am a little funny about scents. If it is too strong I can't use it. These are perfect. 

Next up I tried the Laundry soap. I used a small amount and my clothes came out clean and no stains. 

Laundry soap

Last but not least was the Lotion Bar. I rubbed some onto my hands after my cleaning was done and my hands felt good and soft afterwards. 

Lotion Bar

From their website …Shabby Chick Smartclean's All Natural household products are a smart alternative to harmful and foul-smelling chemical cleaners, detergents, and questionable aerosols.  We handcraft and use every product we sell here in our own home because they are safe, natural, and work better than petro-chemical products.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.