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Clean Your Home Without Chemicals

Did you know that you can clean your home without chemicals? Whether you’re a human parent or a pet parent, cleaning without chemicals is safer for everyone.

Clean Your Home Without Chemicals

Most cleaners for in and around your home contain harmful chemicals. Not only are these being sprayed into the air, but they’re lying on your surfaces. There’s also the risk of a pet or child getting into the cupboards and getting into them. That’s where the Polly Cloth comes in.

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Revolutionize the Way You Clean

With a Polly Cloth, you can remove MORE bacteria than bleach. Yes, you read that right! There have been laboratory studies done to prove it! That means that you can remove bacteria from your home without the use of harmful or caustic chemicals. All you need is a Polly Cloth and water!

Tiny Fibers Big Cleaning Power

The fibers of Polly cloth are smaller than your hair. As a matter of fact, there are more than three hundred MILES of fibers in one Polly Cloth. Holy cow! These fibers help the Polly cloth to thoroughly clean your home. They can also absorb up to eight times their weight in water.

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The wedge design of the fibers are able to scoop up bacteria and wipe it away from the surfaces in your home. Polly Cloth is more efficient than paper towels. It also saves from using all that paper! Oh and Polly Cloth has a negative electro-static charge so they not only pick up germs and bacteria, but also dust and grime.

Machine Washable

You can even toss your Polly Cloth into the washing machine. Wash it in hot water, and tumble in your dryer on medium heat. Imagine not having to buy paper towels or sponges to clean your home. Also, you won’t need to buy bleach or other cleaning agents. Imagine the money you’ll save?

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Makes a Great Gift for Anyone

Give Polly Cloth as a gift this holiday. You’ll be keeping your friends and family healthy, and helping them to save money too! To get yours, and theirs, head to the Polly Cloth website. Follow via Facebook and Instagram too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.