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Celebrating Spring With ThumbThings

Celebrating Spring With ThumbThings

Spring is in the air, well at least it is in the south and I look for fun things to do with my kids that incorporates outside and bright colors. ThumbThings are handmade finger puppets that do just that. We are celebrating spring with ThumbThings


ThumbThings are finger puppets that were originally made in Peru by the ancient Incas. Today they are still created by the same methods originally used that were passed down from generation to generation. These finger puppets are perfect for ages 3 and up. They are a sustainably made product that sources ethically and practice fair trade principles in their work. The company focuses on putting back what they use out of the environment and have taken many steps to eliminate the amount of energy that they use. Very environmentally friendly. There are many different finger puppets to chose from. Featured are the butterfly and bunny.


History of the finger puppets

Puppetry was believed to originate from the ancient Incas of Peru around 3000 B.C. The Incas worked with textiles and the few used them as artistry. Finger puppets were created. They provide entertainment, interactive learning and are a form of communication between different languages and age groups. The mechanisms and ways of making these have been passed down through years.


Why we like them

These fabulous finger puppets fit on both adult and children’s fingers. They are bright and whimsical in color and bring joy to all that see them. They are easy to take with you as an on the go type of toy or just to have at home for a spur of the moment puppet show. These puppets are enjoyed by both of my children and I would expect them to use them for years to come.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.