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CBD Wax: 5 Surprising Hidden Benefits You Must Know

There is no doubt that the need for the right cannabinoid is increasingly popular these days.

The most common one being Cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD Wax: 5 Surprising Hidden Benefits You Must Know

A lot of people are finding overwhelming benefits from the non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, a senior citizen, or suffering from chronic pain, CBD seems to offer almost everyone quality benefits.

With a variety of CBD products in the market today, CBD is beneficial to everyone who seeks to tap into its benefits.

In recent years, CBD wax has become a popular form of CBD. But what exactly is CBD wax?

What are some of the benefits of using CBD wax over other forms?

This article provides all insights surrounding CBD wax.

What is CBD wax?

To fully understand CBD wax, it is essential to understand that CBD is one of the main compounds from the cannabis plant.

THC is another primary cannabinoid in the cannabis plant.

The difference is that THC is highly intoxicating and psychoactive, while CBD is void of THC.

CBD’s ability to offer a potential treatment for several ailments is the reason behind its popularity.

However, to achieve better and efficient results, the potency of CBD needs to be considered.

CBD wax is derived from Cannabis and hemp through CO2 extraction, ensuring that all other compounds are negligible.

Like CBD gel caps and tinctures, CBD wax is highly potent and has little to no traces of THC, Terpenes, Chlorophyll, or any other compound from the cannabis plant.

CBD Wax: 5 Surprising Hidden Benefits You Must Know

CBD wax has higher CBD concentration and potency.

Being a high concentrate, a user ends up ingesting high levels of CBD in less volume. There are different types of CBD wax:

  • CBD budder – You can make this type of CBD wax by purging hemp or a cannabis plant at high air pressure and temperature. Through such a process, you will get a fluffy wax type with a similar consistency to butter, and thus its name.
  • CBD Crumble – You may achieve this type of CBD wax by using the same CBD budder process. However, for this, use pre-purged oil. The resulting product feels crumbly, is highly viscous, and has high moisture content.
  • CBD shatter – Even though this variety has a different structure from CBD wax, it appears like broken glass or rock candy. To achieve quality shatter, you will need to heat cannabis or Hemp plant to extract the oil. When it is cool, it turns into a thick liquid, almost similar to honey.
  • CBD resin – The difference between CBD live Resin and any other CBD wax type is the extraction process. While others are air-dried or pre-heated during extraction, CBD resins are freeze-dried to preserve the cannabinoids and the terpenes. The result is a potent, high-quality CBD wax.

Even though the extraction method was previously not as important, it is a crucial process in producing CBD products.

Each of the CBD wax varieties above offers the same benefits; however, you should choose the beneficial one.

It is essential to note that most producers will list their products as CBD shatter, CBD live resin, CBD crumbles, or sometimes, CBD budder.

What are the surprising benefits of using CBD wax?

While there are various CBD products for specific ailments, here are a few reasons you should consider CBD wax over other forms of CBD, such as CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, edibles, etc.

1. Use CBD wax during the daytime.

If you are looking to find relief without feeling groggy or exhausted from your daily activities, CBD wax offers a positive effect, which is excellent for your workday.

Patients who use CBD during the day indicate feeling a sense of focus and calm after dabbing CBD wax.

As a result, they can work through their schedules and chores.

CBD wax can also help soothing painful sores from chronic conditions such as arthritis and joint pain.

It becomes a better pain management regimen, without the expensive therapies and the fatigue from conventional Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

CBD Wax: 5 Surprising Hidden Benefits You Must Know

2. CBD wax can provide fast relief.

While there are several ways of using CBD wax, including vaporizing it in a bong or dabbing, studies suggest that it is highly effective in treating several ailments.

If you are looking for fast relief, oral CBD or vaporized CBD wax might be a better alternative.

When you inhale it, it is taken to the lungs, where it gets absorbed into the bloodstream almost instantly.

As a result, the effects may kick-in quickly in a matter of minutes.

This ensures that the calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties of CBD get to the brain efficiently to offer relief.

3. CBD wax is highly bioavailable.

Commonly, most CBD products are topicals, edibles, or sometimes e-cigs.

This means that they take more extended periods before a user may experience their effects.

However, this is not the case with dabbing CBD wax. Studies indicate that CBD dabbing is the most bioavailable method for taking CBD.

4. CBD wax is less intoxicating.

While other Cannabidiol products may contain high THC levels, pure CBD isolates from industrial hemp are void of THC.

Implying that using CBD wax has less intoxicating effects, and the chances of addiction or overdependence are less likely.

This property makes CBD wax ideal for users looking for fast relief without getting high.

5. CBD wax is highly potent.

As you would notice, CBD wax has a higher Cannabidiol concentration.

Implying that a user gets quicker relief from their symptoms after dabbing CBD.

This sole benefit makes it more potent than any other CBD products.

Amid these benefits, CBD is not accessible as other cannabis products.

This is why it is the most expensive form of CBD.

A disadvantage that some users indicate after dabbing is the limited effects of CBD, which lasts for about two to three hours.

Besides, CBD wax has mild side-effects in comparison to other products such as topicals or edibles.

CBD Wax: 5 Surprising Hidden Benefits You Must Know


Even though not everyone will have similar effects after using CBD, many people indicate having better results after using CBD wax.

However, make sure that you are buying CBD wax from a reputable reseller to avoid contaminated products or sometimes adverse side effects.

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