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Capturing Your Baby’s First Year

Capturing your baby’s first year is such a special thing to do. Babies reach so many milestones in just one year. Having all of those moments caught on video or pictures makes for priceless moments to look back at both now and in the future. However, sometimes we take all those pictures and never do anything with them. We may share them on social media, email them to family members, or text them to family and friends, but that may be all that we do. What will happen if you lose your phone or accidently delete those precious baby pictures and can’t retrieve those pictures? I have a couple of tips to help you turn those baby photos into something more than just storage space on your phone.

Capturing Your Baby's First Year2

Photo Albums

Capture your baby’s first year with the help of Wee Gallery’s illustrated cards. Take a picture with your baby and the card. Then print the photograph and display it in the baby year book so that that the special moment will be remembered forever. Beautifully illustrated on both sides with animals and familiar objects, these lovely cards can be used again and again as flash cards. A perfect Christening or baby shower gift, this gorgeous new baby set contains 12 cards for your baby’s monthly milestones, plus a beautiful book to present your precious photographs in.

The Wee Gallery photo album was so much fun to complete. It made me realize how few pictures of my daughter that I had not printed out. Once I went through my phone, I find all her pictures from each month, and had those printed out at my local store. Putting the pictures in each slot made me really think back to how little she was and how far we have come as a family.

Capturing Your Baby's First Year


Putting scrapbooks together of your baby’s first year is also a neat way to capture those moments. There are a few apps that will allow you to completely customize your photos with words and special designs. Once you organize the pictures, you can have the digital scrapbook printed out and delivered right to your home.

Back Up Your Photos

If you do keep a lot of your children’s pictures on your phone, then at least make sure that you are backing those photos up. You can use your cloud drive, google drive, Dropbox, or you can save them on a hard drive. If something should ever happen to your phone, at least you will have those memories stored somewhere where you can easily retrieve them.

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