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Bullets2Bandages Makes Great Military Gifts

Bullets2Bandages Makes Great Military Gifts


How can we say thank you, to the many men and women of the military (and their families), that have sacrificed so much for us?  There really isn't anything I can think of that could possibly make up for everything they have done.  However, there is a great company, Bullets2Bandages, that has amazing gifts made from spent military ammunition.  When you buy from them, they give to charities that help veterans.  Pretty cool huh?  They have given so much, so lets at least help out where we can.


Bullets2Bandages has made a way that the average American can give back to our veterans.  They have a specific mission to help them with the many challenges that they face when they come home. They actually donate at least 15% of their profits to charities annually.  We can't even begin to imagine what they have experienced, but we can help a little.


This company has so many cool products!  You have to go and check them out for yourself.  They have .50 caliber bottle openers, keychains, and even clothing.  If you would rather have something more personalized, they will engrave your gifts.  Imagine giving such a wonderful gift to dad on Father's Day, or if you have a wedding coming up, they also make great groomsmen gifts.  They will even personalize the package it comes in, which is a beautiful wooden box.


I almost forgot to mention, they also have gorgeous shot glasses and barware.  There are six-shooter, rock glasses, and pint glasses actually made from once-fired 30mm casings!  If you are looking for unique gifts, look no further.  The pictures on the website don't even do the real product justice.  When I opened my gifts, I was seriously blown away.  My son's father is going to be very happy this Father's Day.  He recently retired from the military (Navy), and he knows about living the military life.  So do I for that matter.  While we were married, he was deployed twice.  It is such a hard time for everyone involved.


So let's all help out where we can!  Go and check out Bullets2Bandages, please.  They really do have beautiful items.

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