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Bucket List Vacation: 8 Tips for Planning a Trip to Rome

Bucket List Vacation: 8 Tips for Planning a Trip to Rome

Have you always dreamed of taking a dream vacation to Italy? It’s time to make your dreams come true!

Planning a trip seems like an overwhelming task to undertake; since there are so many places to go to and many experiences for you to sample. If you research, then narrow down your options, you can plan for and have an amazing experience in Rome. Start with these tips for planning a trip to Rome.

8 Tips for Planning a Trip to Rome

When in Rome, aside from doing what Romans do, you will have so much to do and see. Therefore, you need to have a well-planned trip to enjoy your holiday. If you are planning a trip to Rome, here are some tips which will guide you on the best way to see Rome.

  1. Where to Go in Rome

If you are visiting Rome, you would want to make the most of your trip and to do this, you can make an itinerary that will enable you to accomplish the goal of visiting and doing as much as possible. There are several restaurants that you can sample and you should make reservations at least a day before.

If you would like to do a Vatican tour or visit the Borghese Gallery or the Colosseum, you would have to book tickets in advance. This will help in avoiding any last-minute rushes and disappointing experiences.

  1. When to Visit Rome

Timing is important! If you plan your visit in good timing, you will get to enjoy the beauty and experiences that Rome has to offer.

If you would like to travel when there are fewer visitors and mild temperatures, plan your visit over the following months: April to June or September to October. August is not a good time to travel because the temperature is uncomfortably hot and many tourists, the Italians included, take a vacation.

  1. How to Reduce Transport Costs

If possible, you can stay in Central Rome, near the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. By doing this, you will cut down your transportation costs, especially if you get a good accommodation deal.

When traveling to Rome from the Rome Fiumicino airport, you have the option of using the Leonardo express train or the regional train, which is a cheaper option. You can also use the taxis at the airport or book an Uber. The Roma Pass is also an easy and cheap option that enables you to visit tourist sites and access the local public transport.

  1. Where to Eat

While at Rome, you will not only enjoy the exciting adventures; you will also get a chance to excite your taste buds. If your budget allows, you can visit the tourist restaurants.

However, you can also eat where the locals eat and enjoy a variety of dishes. You will have various options, ranging from the traditional Roman dishes to those cooked with a contemporary twist. You can also enjoy a Naples pizza Roman-style pizza.

Other than the local dishes, you can try out good Indian, Chinese, and vegan dishes.

  1. Mind Your Feet

Rome is a place that you would love to go and explore over the time that you will be there. This means that there will be a lot of walking as you visit each attraction.

To enjoy the tours, wear comfortable footwear. You will be able to withstand the short walks and enjoy the beautiful sceneries, architecture, museums, alleys, and churches. You can grab a pair of shoes which offers you both comfort and style.

  1. How to Beat the Crowds

Understandably, there are crowds of people who want to visit and explore the same places that you want to go to. To enjoy your visit, you will have to beat and outsmart the crowds. Skipping out on the busiest attractions is an option but if you would love to visit them, you can book in advance or pay extra for a ‘skip the line’ tour.

You can visit the Vatican Museum at a quieter time, which is mostly late in the afternoon. The Pantheon is usually crowded but you can get a good experience if you visit it half an hour before closing time. The best time to visit the Trevi Fountain is late in the evening, whereas the best time to go to the Spanish Steps is early in the morning or late at night.

It is advisable that you familiarize yourself with Rome’s new rules before and as you visit these sites. Your holiday should be fun and you would not want your budget to include fines, would you?

  1. How to Stay Connected

When going on holiday, you want to disconnect from your daily routine but you would still want to stay connected with your family, access your mail or social media accounts and browse and explore the places you would like to visit in Italy. To avoid the exorbitant roaming charges, you can get a local SIM card, especially if your phone is unlocked.

  1. Explore the Hidden Gems of Rome

Some beautiful places in Rome have less traffic and you may enjoy your time there more. While they are termed as hidden gems, they are not hidden in any way! These are places which are open to all to see and tour, but since there are other main attractions, most tourists pay less attention to such places.

As you wait for the crowds to leave the main tourist sites, you can spend this time exploring the less trodden paths and unique sites and churches such as Basilica di Santo Stefano Rotondo al Celio.

Another example of a hidden gem is the Quartiere Coppedè, a small district that has unique architecture, and Travestere, where you may enjoy the great atmosphere and a sumptuous meal. Also, you may try out the Giancolo hill or the largest park, the Villa Borghese. A dose of nature will always do you good!

Planning a Trip to Rome Shouldn’t Be Cumbersome

We hope that these tips will be useful for you when planning a trip to Rome. Enjoy your trip and be mindful as you plan the trip.

You would not want to be roaming in Rome aimlessly. Leave Rome saying ‘Veni. Vidi. Vici.’- I came. I saw. I conquered.

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