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Brighten Up Your Boring Shoes With Whiskers Laces

Whiskers Laces Will Liven Up Your Boring Shoe Holes And Make A Great Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

We have lots of accessories to add to our clothing, but what do we have to dress up our shoes?  No matter what, you wear the same shoes day in and day out and that gets boring!  Well, there is a way to give them a little pizazz.  Whiskers Laces has beautifully designed laces to give your boring shoe holes a little excitement.  Now you can show off your boring old shoes and be proud.

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Whiskers Laces was nice enough to send me some gorgeous shoelaces that have great, holiday designs.  The first thing I have to mention is the packaging that they come in.  The box is a heavy duty case that holds the laces and they each have their own little compartment.  I was blown away by the wooden spool that they come on too!  I’m a sucker for nice packaging.  The laces themselves are nice and durable, but stretchy at the same time.  They were red, green, and a couple of variations of them.  My favorite was red with white stripes, just like candy canes.  The ends have nice premium metal aglets to prevent fraying, which is really important!  So, you’re getting a good quality shoelace with beautiful styling.

Brighten Up Your Boring Shoes With Whiskers Laces

I guess you wouldn’t think about shoelaces as a stocking stuffer, but if you’re looking for a last minute gift, these would fit perfectly!  They’re handy and everyone uses them.  I mean I don’t know very many people that wear shoes without laces unless you’re wearing heels or something.  Using these as a gift would certainly surprise your gift recipient!

The main reason I wanted to try out these shoelaces is that my Mom needed new ones.  I’m glad that I came across Whiskers Laces because there are a lot of shoelaces you can buy, but you never know the quality of them.  They take pride in making these and you can tell just by looking at them, even with Loop King Laces.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt they are pretty!  Whiskers Laces has a lot more colors to choose from, not only the holiday colors that I received.

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Brighten Up Your Boring Shoes With Whiskers Laces

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