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Best Ways To Stay Active Everyday

Pandemic has forced us to stay home and put a full stop to all our outdoor activities in a fraction of a second.

The global situation has made many of us adapt to a sedentary lifestyle, which is extremely harmful to our bodies and brains.

Such a lifestyle can even lead us towards obesity, diabetes, and even spine and nerve problems; take it from someone who already has the issue with the cervical spine.

Do you think losing weight and burning calories would require an expensive fitness centre membership?

Well, many of us have such a misconception already.

You need to keep moving and stay active the whole day, even if you are at home.

Best Ways To Stay Active Everyday

Constantly sitting on your desk, or couch, can make you lose the balance you had in your life, and in severe cases, it can even lead to cancer!

Ah, who wants cancer while we all are trying to escape Corona already?!

Here we have mentioned some of the experts suggested ways to stay active every day, and yes, you can also take tips from Yoga Melbourne to keep fit and healthy altogether.

Take a look.

Best Ways to Stay Active Everyday

A recent study found out that too much sitting and minimal moments can take off years from your life span.

I don’t think anyone wants to die because they watched too much Netflix!

You might counteract such studies and facts, but sometimes, it becomes too late to realize and regret.

1.  Walk, Walk and Walk!

Walk like you own the road, walk like you are the boss!

Okay, hold on, always mind your safety first, and then take up the walking.

When it comes to staying fit and active, the first thing that crosses our mind is, Let’s opt for a Gym membership!

Did you know there are apps available that will keep track of your diet and fitness activities- only if you mention the truth in that app?

Walking and jogging is the easiest and most convenient activity that you can do, instead lifting weights.

You don’t have a vast space or house, get outside (but wear a mask) and walk.

Slow walks can strengthen your legs, back, and thigh areas, while fast walking can burn your calories down!

2. Fidgeting is okay at work!

Since most of us work from home, you can now move, stand up and fidget, and trust me, no one’s going to give you that weird look anymore.

Best Ways To Stay Active Everyday

You must also stand up; not work, not many workplaces allow; not yet, you at least need to move around in your place.

If you are working from the office, try walking down the corridor or passage once, or probably go downstairs- just like that!

However, if nothing is possible, you can always replace your work chair with exercise balls or rocking chairs.

Always remember to take 5 minutes of break every 2 hours!

If you are on a call, then stand up, walk and then talk, don’t just sit there!

3. Dogs are indeed our best friends!

Feels like doing nothing, apart from Netflix from the couch?

Get a dog, unless you are allergic to them!

Dogs are basically the most enthusiastic and energetic creatures on this planet, and trust me, they will make you the same.

If you don’t get along with their lively activities, you will see your couch in pieces! Pets, especially dogs, need actions, fun and plays!

They can’t be couch potatoes like you and me!

You can take your dog for a short walk every day or even jogging with them could be fun!

Don’t run too fast that other dogs are chasing you already!

4. Clean and cook!

Maybe you cannot go outside every day, but at least you can clean and cook at your home.

Even if you don’t know cooking, open YouTube and learn some recipes.

Also, cleaning your apartment regularly can easily give you the ultimate comfort since decluttering can help you breathe more!

Vacuum cleaning could be possible unless you are tired already!

But always ensure to use less cleaning tools and give more tasks to your body muscles and bones.

Best Ways To Stay Active Everyday

Yes, vigorous cleaning can help you to burn around 100 calories in 30 minutes!


You have got a lot of options to treat your body muscles and bones right, but apart from exercises you can also practice the above mentioned “staying active tips”.

From walking to Pushups, you can do every exercise from jumping jacks to weight liftings and squats.

Of course, our days are busy, but try waking up early and do some core strengthening exercises, followed by a healthy breakfast- with a glass of fresh juice!

You will be all good!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.