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Best Time Travel Movies

Sick of the old school romantic and mainstream genres?

Try shifting your attention towards a rather conventional topic, which is not only about sci-fi, but may involve a moving story as well, pun intended.

We are talking about time travel, and no, not all the movies mentioned will involve a time machine and fancy spacesuits.

The entertainment industry has shifted the association of time traveling with big machines and tools by applying meaningful stories.

You don’t always have to be a tech geek to time travel; even ordinary people can travel time in normal circumstances.

It is what makes these movies even more enjoyable.

We have some of our top picks of the best time travel movies that you can binge-watch without getting bored or lost in what the story is about.

All the titles are readily available on the US Netflix library.

If you are someone who lives in a region like Australia where you are missing out on nearly 70% of the library then you need to find the right tools to Access American Netflix without you having to travel all the way.

Best Time Travel Movies

The Time Traveller’s Wife

An iconic name that always makes the list of time travel movies. Made after the novel of its namesake.

Henry has the ability to travel time, but involuntarily.

The time, age, and places are all undecided, so he takes a chance as his future self falls in love with Claire.

But here’s the twist, When they meet in the present time, Henry has no idea who she is and how she knows so much about him.

On the other hand, Claire has her own battles to win, with Henry always traveling time at odd times and hours.

Best Time Travel Movies


The world is currently in an energy crisis, leading the countries to wage war against each other for what’s remaining.

Robbie Amell, an engineer, has a responsibility to protect a technology that could put an end to all the disturbance in the world and produce a never-ending supply chain of energy.

But something is not right.

The technology has created a time loop that causes Robbie and his friend to relive the same day repeatedly.

Best Time Travel Movies

Back to the Future Trilogy

One of the oldest and most popular time-traveling movies, back to the future, is divided into three parts, which were released in 1985, 1989, and 1990 respectively.

The first part revolves around a teenager Marty who accidentally time travels to 1955 with the help of his inventor friend Doc Brown.

1955 is the year Marty’s parents meet for the first time, but he unknowingly disrupts that while the mother’s younger self finds herself attracted to Marty.

He must repair the damage by rekindling his parent’s romance and get back in his own time before it’s too late.

In the second sequel, the duo is back again and traveling to the future, this time to save his future self from imprisonment, but things don’t go as anticipated, again.

And they again found themselves back in 1955, the day Marty’s parents met, again.

The third and final part of the film series takes Marty way back in 1885 Wild West, where their time machine stops working, leaving them stranded.

Doc Brown soon finds himself falling in love with a school teacher as Marty tries hard to bring them back in time before it’s too late for either of them.

Best Time Travel Movies

About time

How cool would it be to inherit the power to time travel from your dad, only you can’t change history.

Tim Lake is the lucky guy who has a family where all the male members of the family have the power to voluntarily time travel.

The only flaw is, they can’t change history.

But Tim can make changes in his life. He uses these abilities in an attempt to get the love of his life, Mary.

But that doesn’t turn out to be the easiest thing he has done—a simple movie with a life’s worth of lessons.

Best Time Travel Movies

Safety not guaranteed

This one’s not so heavy on the sci-fi part; instead, it is rather a twisted version of a sci-fi comedy.

It all begins with an ad in the paper, which is about getting a partner for the purpose of time traveling, with a bold message stating “Safety Not Guaranteed,” hence the name of the movie.

An intern from a magazine befriends the guy behind the ad and soon develops feelings for him while he plans to travel time to get back his supposedly dead girlfriend.

Best Time Travel Movies

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This one hits back home on a different level altogether—a love story in reverse, starring young Kate Winslet with Jim Carrey.

The story revolves around Winslet, going through medical treatment to erase Jim from her memory altogether.

Jim, heartbroken from this, decides to undergo the same treatment only to realize a grave truth, that he still loves her.

But it may be too late.

What extremes will he take to bring back her memories and him altogether in her life once again?

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