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Only the Best for Our Pooches from High5dogs

We're getting ready to head out on our very first vacation with our son's service dog. Last year she was too young so we left her with grandma with her sister. This year, Bayleigh will be joining us and we were looking for the best leash that will make vacation easier for us all.

best leash High5dogs

Only the Best for Our Pooches from High5dogs

We stumbled across High5dogs and were very impressed with their selection. If you're in the market for a leash for your pooches, then look no further than High5dogs. They have a great selection of stylish, easy to use, and sturdy leashes. They also offer collars, wallets and bandanas too.

We love our CLIC Leash

When purchasing a leash for your dog many factors come into play. For many first and foremost, it has to be sturdy, and functional. Then many people looks towards style. For us, we need a bit more from a leash. Since our shepherd is a service dog, when she's out and about she has her work vest. At times we need a leash, and other times we merely need a leader. That's why we chose the CLIC Leash by High5dogs.

CLIC Leash

If we want to use it as a traditional leash, we attach the lower bolt snap to her harness (or sometimes her collar if she is just going for a walk.) When we want to use a leader with her harness, we hook the bolt snap to her collar or harness, and then attach the CLIC mechanism to the D hook on her harness. This shortens the leash and turns it into a leader that's perfect for when she needs to be close.

High5dogs leader


If you're out and about with your dog, the CLIC Leash tethers easily to anything. In one click, and with one hand, you can attach your dog to a table, pole, or more. The CLIC Leash lets you tether a dog to something without unhooking it from its leash. There's even a D hook on the loop of the leash so you can hook your potty bags, or even keys to it, for easy use.

    We seriously love our CLIC Leash by High5dogs, and we've gotten many compliments on it. If you have pooches, you need to check out High5dogs.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.