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Best Little Gifts for the History Buff on Your List

Do you have a history buff on your holiday list? If so then you’re going to want to see these!

Best Little Gifts for the History Buff on Your List

If you really want to make your history lovers Christmas, then you need to check out these books by C. Brian Kelly. His Best Little Stories collection is sure to put a smile on their face. And with a bunch of different ones to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

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The American Revolution

This Best Little book has more than one hundred true stories of the American Revolution. Introduce them to the Revolution they never knew. Kelly has included the forgotten stories that tell of our nation’s birth. From inventors to the sisters that dressed in their husbands uniforms to stave off an attack, you will get a behind the scenes look at the revolution. Get your copy of the Best Little Stories from the American Revolution to read more!

The Civil War

Again, Kelly gives you a peek into what you may not know about the Civil War. This Best Little book gives you more than one hundred stories that you probably didn’t know. Have you heard of Private Franklin Thomson of Michigan? Well, this Private was actually Sarah Emma Edmonds, and she fought in uniform for the Union, under the guise as a man. This is just one interesting story! To read more, grab your copy of the Best Little Stories from the Civil War.

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World War I and II

C. Brian Kelly didn’t forget World War I or II. Each of these books includes over one hundred stories about the wars. For example, have you ever heard of Lady Almina? She turned her husband’s Highclere Castle into a luxurious military hospital for British soldiers. It was her story that actually inspired Downton Abbey!

During World War II Professor William Miller collapsed during the POW death march in Germany. He was saved by a man that he had saved five years earlier from a potentially fatal car wreck in Pennsylvania! To read these great stories and more, grab Best Little Stories from World War I and it’s counterpart, World War II.

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So many more

These are just four of the many Best Little books by C. Brian Kelly. He has a Winston Churchill book, the White House and more. Oh, and since yesterday was the Marine’s birthday, why not grab a copy of his Proud to be a Marine book?

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