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Best Cardio Machines for YOU

Best Cardio Machines for YOU

It’s very interesting that a lot of people don’t really pay attention to the mind-numbing amount of cardio machines that are now available. But if you are taking your HGH dosage seriously, it is also important to take your exercise routines seriously. Because let’s be realistic, it’s a holistic package deal.

You want to look better, feel better, move better and reduce the risk for disease. Starting an HGH cycle will get you on the right track, but by doing a solid workout program, you will seal the deal. And cardio is a major component of this. No matter how much you want to disagree.

With that being the case, a time will come where you will be faced with going to a gym. It is better to be well prepared ahead of time so you know exactly what machine to step onto.

The Truth About the Best Cardio Exercise

In the big picture, there really is no “best” machine to use. They all pretty much do the same thing, just in a different way. It’s more a matter of preference based on your personal liking and limitations.

And don’t believe those self-proclaimed experts that tell you cardio makes you fat. That couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, if you go into a cardio workout after a 10-hour fast and burn 1,000 calories in an hour, do you honestly think you’re going to get fat?

NO, you’re not! You are going to likely be 1 to 3 lbs. lighter than when you got to the gym. Of course, some of this will be water weight loss, but still and all. Just don’t believe the rummies that try to convince you that cardio is a waste of time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

And on that note, let’s get to a few explanations of cardio machines that might tickle your fancy bone. But remember, just like you can use bad form with free weights, the same could be said with cardio. Take that into consideration before you move forward. Or stay in one place…


Hands down, the most popular type of cardio equipment inside the gym walls is a treadmill. You see people walking, jogging, sprinting, and even doing some things that words can’t even describe on these apparatuses.

If you do not have a problem with impact and want to get a good “burn,” then the treadmill is going to be your hookup.

You can adjust the speed and incline, and most units these days have TVs and Bluetooth enabled so you can go wireless.

The only drawback to a treadmill is it does not give you the same feel as running outside. In other words, if you are training for a road race, you are best served running outdoors where it is a sport-specific situation.

All you really need to do is keep up with the track that is moving beneath you. That’s not how locomotion works. You actually have to propel yourself when running outside. However, some gyms have these cool, manually-operated treadmills that have a curved track.

Those babies really fire up the body and have a transfer effect to the outdoors. And they burn more calories than the regular treadmills.


A lot of people have an issue with impact. If you are obese or very overweight or have any joint conditions, the elliptical would be a great option for you because the impact is taken away. You glide smoothly back and forth with your hands moving upright poles and your feet fixed to these platforms.

You kind of look like a gazelle, running through a grassy meadow when using an elliptical.

The good news about this machine is you can burn calories without impact. The bad news is, you have to go pretty long and hard to get that good calorie burn because it’s a less intense form of exercise than running.

And although you are told that the poles give your upper body a good workout, that’s very suspect. Your arms don’t really get that much work.

Jacob’s Ladder

You may not be familiar with this bad boy, but you should definitely look into it. Jacob’s Ladder is another bodyweight cardio machine. Think of it as a ladder that’s at about a 45’degree angle.

There is a belt that you attach to your waist that has a cable attached to the other end. Once you place your hands and feet on the rungs and move up to a certain point, the cable gets pulled and the rungs start to move beneath you. The higher up you move, the faster you go.

A solid 20 to 30 minutes on the Jake and your entire body will be feeling it. The movement you are doing can best be described as crawling. If you ever did crawling on the floor, then you would know how intense this exercise can be.

Using Jacob’s Ladder is not as hard as that, but it can definitely give the gratification you desire.

Stair Machine

The good old-fashioned stair machine is sure to burn your buns to a pulp in a matter of minutes. Shortly after that, you will likely be drenched with sweat. There’s nothing wrong with either scenario if you’re taking HGH for weight loss before and after you start a serious workout regimen.

As the name implies, you simply walk on a moving staircase for X amount of minutes. The really old style machines have higher risers, where the newer ones are lower. If you really want the brutality, go old-school. If you want a bit less intensity, seek out a newer model.

The great thing about using a stair machine is that is has a transfer effect with running outside and hiking. Take that into consideration when you are browsing the gym floor for options.

Final Words of Wisdom

Overall, as long as you like what you are doing and perform it long enough and often enough, you can’t go wrong with cardio. Just make sure that you do not let others control your life.

And lastly, no amount of cardio will help if you throw caution to the wind with your diet. Eating greasy cheeseburgers and French fries as soon as you get done training will wipe out all the hard work you just did.

Keep it clean outside the gym and the return on investment with your training will be so much higher.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.