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Bedside Table- Essential Furniture for your Bedroom

A bedside table is an essential furnishing for the bedroom. They are not only a visually appealing addition to the rest of the decor, but are functional as well. A bedside table gives you somewhere to place items such as phones, lamps and alarm clocks. There is a wide variety of designs, materials and colours to make a selection from when buying a bedside table, which is also sometimes referred to as a nightstand. 

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There are various factors that should be taken into account when choosing a bedside table. Begin by determining what it will be used for. If your preference is a table that will be limited to placement of items on the surface for example, drawers will not be suitable.

For people who require a bedside table that will cater for more storage, a larger one that features shelves or drawers will be suitable. The larger the surface of the table, the more space there is for placing items such as picture frames and artwork.


Another important consideration is your personal sense of style. Choose a bedside table that complements the rest of your bedroom decor. Styles include traditional, classic, and vintage as well as contemporary according to what best suits your style and preference.


Take accurate measurements of the space that is available for the table. Ensure that there is enough space by the side of the bed for the table. Extra space around the bedside table is ideal as opposed to a tight fit that will make cleaning the surrounding area challenging. For larger bedrooms, there is the advantage of more space that can accommodate larger bedside tables.

It is advisable to consider how high the mattress is and pick a table that is similar in height. This will create a better fit and appearance. The size of the table should fit within the space provided without obstructing your ability to get out of bed. Tables that have drawers also require sufficient space in order for you to be able to open and shut the drawers with ease.


Although the bed is the most conspicuous part of the bedroom, it is usually regarded as incomplete without a bedside table. The table gives you somewhere to place items that you need to have next to your bed. It also provides anchorage for the bed to create a sense of balance and stability.


The bedside table is also available in a variety of shapes, with the most common ones being circular, square and rectangular. Circular tables usually take up more space than square ones because of their dimensions. A circular table is ideal for a larger bedroom while a square one is a good choice when the amount of space available is limited.

The bedside table is easy to assemble and you can use the instructions provided to guide you through the process of setting up the table of your choice. A bedside table will complete your bedroom while giving you a convenient way to place your favorite items.


Shelly Bryson is an interior decor consultant and designer. To find out more about the range of bedside tables, click here. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.