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Beaverton Foods Can Be The Cellar In Your House

Beaverton Foods

“Beaverton Foods has a host of award-winning specialty condiments – perfect for a summer grilling essentials story.  The company’s second annual award winner at the World-Wide Mustard Competition is last year’s new mustard – Inglehoffer Ghost Pepper Mustard.  Perfect for those palates that love heat! Also, the newest mustard is Beaver Brand Stone Ground Mustard, which is all natural and Certified Gluten Free.”

Beaver Stone Ground Mustard 13 oz

I love mustard but I have to say in a small amount. Because it is such a powerful taste. While this German style mustard is full of mustard seeds and a variety of kinds of vinegar and spices. 

This German Style mustard is chuck full of whole mustard seeds, vinegar, and spices that are a perfect mix. While the spices mix for the perfect blend that offers a full-powered mustard taste. Such an amazing tasting mustard. We just grilled out and everyone LOVED this mustard.

Inglehoffer Ghost Pepper Mustard 10.25 oz

Beaverton Foods

My son says he can eat anything too “HOT” or any condiment. Never worry! While you may not have brought the heat! Ingleoffer has! Which means that you can forget your flavor. Low calorie, low carb, with a sweet taste of sweet onions with a smooth mustard flavor. Because it features the delicious flavor of Oregon Sweet Onions. And a smooth mustard flavor that will boost your entire summer!

Replace your “normal” mustard for your perfect cookout. Because if you are out of date from your social security. Now is your time to keep everything on track.

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