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Avoiding Accidents: Top Tips

Avoiding Accidents: Top tips

Keeping yourself safe can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re a little clumsy!

You never know when you’re going to have an accident, but being prepared in certain circumstances can help you avoid a personal injury.

So what are some of the most useful tips for avoiding accidents?

When you’re driving

If you’re in the car, it’s a good opportunity to show your kids how to drive properly – especially if they’re approaching that age. This means ignoring your phone even if you’re waiting for an important call. Don’t let your GPS distract you either. If you need to operate any devices in your car, make sure you’ve pulled over and your engine is off.

Make sure you always wear a seatbelt. If you’ve got young kids, buckle them up yourself. If they’re even younger, put them in an appropriate car seat. Finding the right one might not be as easy as you think, though. You might have to do a little research to find the best one – especially since well-known online marketplaces have been found to sell car seats that don’t have the necessary safety labels.

Home safety

We all like to think of our homes as safe places. But they can present potentially hidden dangers. They could be the result of the house’s construction or your interior design choices and the hazards can be inside or outside. For this reason, you might want to carry out a safety audit on your home.

Look at anything that might be dangerous, from your gas and carbon monoxide safety to whether your shelves – and the items you keep on them – pose a danger to your head. Think about any outside appliances or tools – from lawnmowers to barbecues – and whether they’re in potentially risky areas. When using these items, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions closely and that everything is in a good enough condition to use.

Keeping the kids safe

Keeping toxic substances out of the reach of kids is something we hear about a lot, but is it something we all put into practice? Make sure everything that could potentially cause them harm is out of their reach. This includes medication, cleaning products, cosmetics and even essential oils. Packing all these products away from the kids also gives you a chance to get rid of anything past its expiry date, keeping yourself safe too.

If you live on a busy road, make sure you keep your eye on them whenever they head outside. You’ll have to do the same thing when they go into the kitchen, particularly when the stove is on. Bathrooms can also pose a hazard to kids, so until they’re old enough, they should never be left near bathtubs with any level of water in them. After all, they can drown in less than two inches of water.

When you’re out

Being out in public can mean you’re faced with lots of different things demanding your attention, which can mean you’re a little less focused on being careful. This can mean that you’re more likely to have a minor accident, like tripping or falling.

So it can pay to leave your phone in your pocket or bag so you’re not distracted by it. You might also want to go a little slower and really go to the effort to look around carefully when you first enter a room. Make a point of looking for any potential hazards and you should be able to recognise them and avoid them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.