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Avaline — The Organic Wine Brand Of Cameron Diaz

Avaline is an organic wine brand launched by Hollywood starlet Cameron Diaz and her entrepreneur friend Katherine Power.

Avaline has made quite a stir in the organic wine industry lately because of its manufacturing process, transparency, and general excellence.

Below, we try to understand Avaline’s history, what sets it apart from other wines, and why it’s making such a buzz!

Avaline’s History

Avaline is a project borne of passion and a deep desire to ensure consumers drink healthy, organic, and vegan wine.

Avaline — The Organic Wine Brand Of Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is widely known as a wine connoisseur and aficionado.

She’s also known for her intense desire for healthy living — she only consumes organic, natural, and vegan foods and beverages.

Until recently, Cameron Diaz naturally assumed that all wines are organic because they’re made of fermented grapes.

She also assumed that wines being advertised as “organic” truly live up to that name.

Those are both perfectly natural and understandable assumptions — most of us carry those assumptions.

But what Cameron Diaz truly learned was truly shocking.

Not only are wines not truly organic, they actually include dozens of additives, including pesticides, fertilizers, artificial flavors, colorings, and other unnecessary components!

Wine manufacturers use Sulfites to increase the bottles’ shelf life, pesticides, and fertilizers ward off harmful insects, and artificial flavors and colors make the wine appealing to users.

For example, a chemical compound called Mega Purple gives red wine its dark red coloring and makes your tongue turn purple.

In fact, wines are also filtered through animal byproducts like egg whites and fish bladder, so they’re certainly far from “vegan.”

The shocking truth behind wine production is eclipsed by the shocking truth of the wine industry — they have no accountability.

Avaline — The Organic Wine Brand Of Cameron Diaz

The wine industry is notoriously unregulated, but most people don’t even realize it.

The lack of legal definition given to words like “vegan,” “organic,” and “natural” means those words are essentially hot air, little more than marketing gimmicks to make the wines sell more.

In actuality, wine brands can use the word “organic” if they avoid Sulfites but use any number of other additives.

Cameron Diaz produced Avaline as a means to challenge this pervasive wrong in the wine industry.

She wants consumers to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies, and she wants to give you a wine that’s actually organic — and not just as a marketing gimmick.

Avaline: Organic, Vegan, Transparent

Avaline is organic, vegan, and completely transparent about the production process.

Avaline’s production process doesn’t involve chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, artificial colors, or other harmful ingredients.

Avaline — The Organic Wine Brand Of Cameron Diaz

Instead of using chemicals and pesticides to kill bacteria, they use biodiversity, i.e., specific species of insects are introduced to kill the harmful bacteria and insects, serving as protectors of the wine.

Avaline is also vegan — animal byproducts aren’t used during the filtration process.

But, most importantly, Avaline is truly transparent and accountable.

Cameron Diaz understood that simply telling people her wine is “organic” isn’t good enough. How can you be sure?

Each Avaline bottle comes with a large label that lists all the ingredients and components used in the manufacturing process in large fonts.

As such, Avaline is held true to its claims — it’s truly organic.

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