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Assorted Low Sugar Snacks That Taste Great

Assorted Low Sugar Snacks That Taste Great – The Sugar Smart Box

You would assume when a snack is low in sugar and carbs, it isn’t going to taste good.  Well, that is not true anymore.  The Sugar Smart Box sends you a box of low sugar (diabetic diet-friendly) snacks.  It is a subscription box that you can order from month to month, or prepay to save even more.  Why try a whole bag of something?  Try the Sugar Smart Box assorted snacks to test what you like.

I’m not diabetic, but I would like to eat healthier.  This is perfect for me!  Actually, it is perfect for anyone wanting to eat better.  However, if you happen to be diabetic, they have online support for you with a Medical Doctor.  They also have support from a Registered Dietitian for members only.  That isn’t all!  You will receive coupon codes for more savings and a monthly survey so they know what you like and what you don’t like.

The Sugar Smart Box Has Diabetic-Friendly Snacks That Taste Great

What is in the Sugar Smart Box

You will receive 7+ premium snacks each month.  It varies every time, but you will love their snacks!  All snacks are low in sugar and low in carbs.  The box I received had 2 packages of Pizootz Peanuts, 2 packages of Intakt Cheese Snacks, 2 tins of Ice Chips Candy (Salted Caramel and Root Beer Float flavors), Projuce, and a Lemon Smart Cake (YUM!).  That is a lot of snacks to try out!  My whole household came running and tried everything.  Our favorites were the Ice Chips Candy and the Lemon Smart Cake.  Of course, there was nothing that didn’t get eaten.

So, are you trying to eat right and feel healthier?  This subscription box is perfect for you.  As a matter of fact, since the holidays are creeping up on us, this would make a great gift!  Who wouldn’t benefit from eating healthier?  Even if you aren’t watching what you eat, you will still love the taste of these snacks.  You can’t even tell that it is good for you.  Kids would love anything that comes in this box.  What a great way to get them on the right track to eating well.  All of the snacks would fit easily into their lunches.

If you are looking for yummy snacks that are healthy, look no further!

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