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All You Need To Know About Pet Grooming

All You Need To Know About Pet Grooming

Grooming is important for any pet not only to make them look good and to have a pretty pet but also because just like humans, pets also need attention hygienically. If they are left with being groomed they can develop health conditions such as matted fur and pain in their paws from uncut toenails. They can even develop serious mite issues and ear infections, therefore, paying attention to your pet and grooming them is essential for every pet owner. However, not all pet owners are aware of how to groom their pets and what are the best products to use. This article will help those understand a little deeper on what parts of your pet needs your attention and when.

Before we get into the grooming tips, however, let’s discuss the products one can use to keep a check on their pet’s hygiene and other basic needs. Innovet Pet Products have a wide range of products catered to grooming and the basic needs of your pets. From shampoos and oils to all pet accessories, you demand it, they have it. Now that we have that covered, let’s have a look at the uses of those products and the main areas of grooming of a pet. 

  • Fur: whether it is a cat or a dog that you own, brushing your pet’s hair several times a week is an essential chore you must not be skipping. Even if your pet has shorter hair it is still important to brush them and take care of them as even shorter hair can develop mats and this can cause your pet a lot of discomfort. This will eliminate several other problems you might be facing for example after brushing your pet’s hair you will notice a decrease in the amount of hair they shed on your furniture and carpets. This will also partially eliminate the occurrence of finding hairballs which cats often vomit or excrete in the litter box. Hairballs can at times cause severe blockage in the intestines of your pet and thus you will be saving them and yourself from a lot of pain and a visit to the emergency room. Even though hairballs are usually considered a problem for cats, they occur in dogs as well. It can also be helpful to take advise from and check reviews of products on the internet, and is a very helpful website in that aspect
  • Ears: the ears of your pet need regular attention as well. Checking a pet’s ears is as easy as flipping them over and inspecting to see if everything seems normal. Vets also recommend smelling the ears of your pet as smell is a big indicator. The ears of your pet should look clean and debris free, they should also have no smell. If your pet has smelly ears or if they have a lot of debris stuck inside you might want to take them for a visit to the vet and get them checked. However, before a vet visit becomes necessary it is good practice to use a liquid ear cleaner designed especially for pets to clean your pet’s ears. Using the cleaner is as simple as putting a few drops in your pet’s ear canal and massaging the base of the ear. This will not only keep your pet’s ears clean but also help your pet stay safe from infections. 
  • Eyes: when you look into your pet’s eyes and they look back at you with those big sweet eyes of theirs, the eyes should be nice and clear. If your pet’s eyes look too dry or seem to have a milky film you might want to take them for a checkup. However, if your pet has some collected debris near their tear ducts it is good practice to clean it and leave your pet with clean gunk free eyes. 


  • Nails: keeping a close eye on the nails of your pet can save them from a lot of discomfort and some major health issues such as infections and ingrown nails. Since nails of dogs and cats are curved they can grow into their toe pads and can cause a lot of pain to the pet as well as infection. Cutting the nails of your pet regularly is a good grooming habit. However, it is not advised to use nail cutters made for humans or scissors to cut the nails of your pet as this can cause splits in your pet’s nails causing them discomfort and resulting in their nails catching on fabrics. Using specialized nail clippers made for dogs and cats is advised and cutting the nails millimeters at a time is advised as if nails are cut too deep your pet will bleed and feel pain.  



  • Brushing teeth: keeping up with teeth hygiene of your pet is also an essential part of their daily routine just like it is for any human being. This task can be made easier by using a finger brush, a brush that fits on your finger and can easily help you get a good grip and motion for brushing your pet’s teeth. As for toothpaste, using toothpaste made for cats or dogs is advised as toothpaste made for humans can cause upset stomachs in your pets and can cause other health issues. There are also specialized pet toys made for this purpose, special kinds of dog chews that help your dog clean their teeth. As these dog chews have a pleasant flavor for your dogs they can be given as a bedtime snack, helping your pet brush their teeth before they sleep. 


Whether it is a cat you own or a dog, they both need ample attention when it comes to grooming and providing them with that attention is every pet owner’s responsibility. When we own pets they are equivalent to our family members and need to be treated in such a manner. It is also crucial to remember to not make grooming your pet scary for yourself or your pet. It should be an experience enjoyable for both pet and owner. This will help your pet develop trust in you and also make it easier for you to complete this chore daily.

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