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Air Mattress vs Sofa Bed – Pro’s & Con’s

What are the pros and cons of an air mattress versus a sofa bed?

If you don’t have any spare beds in your home then chances are you may be looking for a temporary sleeping option, in case you have any guests to stay. Unless you want to share your bed then you are going to need somewhere for people to be able to get some sleep. The most common choices that people make are an air mattress or a sofa bed.

There is something to be said for either of these choices, and you may have already done some research. If you want to see more air bed reviews just take a look. In the meantime, we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of both air mattresses and sofa beds, to help make your choice easier.

The pros and cons of a sofa bed

Sofa beds are a pretty standard option when it comes to having a temporary sleeping option around your home. So, why might investing in a sofa bed be a good idea and what are the potential pitfalls? Just make sure you invest into a comfortable sleeper sofa bed!


  • If you have a studio apartment then a sofa bed can be your main seating as well as extra bed space; this saves on floor space.
  • Sofa beds can be more comfortable, although this depends on the individual product.
  • Sofa beds provide extra seating as well as extra bed space.


  • If you only have a small home you may not have room for a sofa bed.
  • Sofa beds can be expensive to purchase.
  • Sofa beds take up floor space all the time; when you may not even need to use them.

Click here to see some sofa bed options for regular use.

The pros and cons of an air mattress


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If you want to save space in your home, then it makes sense to invest in an air mattress which can be safely stored away when you are not using it. There are some potential pitfalls to opting for an air mattress though.


  • Air mattresses don’t take up floor space when they are not in use.
  • Air mattresses are often cheaper to buy.
  • Depending on the type of mattress purchased, an air mattress can be used in the home and while on camping trips.


  • Air mattresses can be uncomfortable so you need to be careful about which one to choose.
  • Pets like cats and dogs can easily damage an inflated air mattress if you aren’t careful.
  • Air mattresses do not provide additional seating as well as additional bed space.

If you are trying to make the choice between buying an air mattress and buying a sofa bed then some of the decision is going to be based on what you actually need the item for. Do you need extra seating as well as extra bed space? Do you need a portable bed solution that you can use at home and while camping? Generally, if you are simply looking for temporary sleeping accommodation that does not take up much room, and does not cost a lot, then an air mattress might be your best option.

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