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A Shocking Story Of Abuse That Ends With Hope

Abuse is a horrible thing. If you watch the news, I'm sure you've heard of the uncovering of recent abuse cases. When such cases are finally brought to light and the perpetrator is stopped, it brings a sigh of partial relief because now those victims can hopefully begin their road to recovery. However, for many (if not all) of those victims, the road to recovery may never be completely accomplished—they may spend a lifetime working to recover. Such horrific experiences will be in their memories forever.

When one hears of how the exact abuse occurred in various stories, it's shattering to ones faith in humanity. But, it also brings about awareness, which can be important. One such story of abuse that will shock you and still provide hope is Pieces of Me: My Journey From An Abusive Childhood To A Life Of Hope And Healing (Aurora Press, September 2018), by Rose Marie Abrams.


A Story Of Unimaginable Abuse

This story is an eye-opener to say the least! I gasped quite a bit while reading the author's story. Her story shows how abuse can persist and how it affects the abused and surrounding family/household members, which can be a distressing dynamic, to say the least. Her writing captures the reader and one almost feels as if they are a fly on the wall, observing all that occurred in Rose Marie's life and that of her mother.

In her book, Ms. Abrams goes back in time and tells the history of her biological family and adoptive family. She has her “Mom,” who is Viola (her biological mother), and she has her “Mother,” who was her adoptive mother. And, what you read about the history of their story will have you in disbelief. There was abuse even towards an innocent, defenseless infant, which was truly difficult to comprehend.

Ms. Abrams, when she was older, had many questions about her life, including about her mom, Viola. Seeking out the answers to her questions and seeking a way to heal from the past created a journey of sorts for Ms. Abrams. And, it is in Pieces of Me that you'll be able to follow along on that journey.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon. It comes in paperback for $12.95. Readers can learn more about the author, Rose Marie Abrams, by visiting her website at

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