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A Home Cocktail Party, All You Need To Know

If you’ve decided to throw a party for the girls (or guys), you may be considering what style of event to choose.

A cocktail party is a great way to experiment with flavours and caters to most people’s tastes.

Cocktails are diverse and with lots of different combinations.

What should you do to create an awesome party?

A Home Cocktail Party, All You Need To Know

Find a reason

Establishing a reason to celebrate is a great way to get partygoers into the spirit.

Someone’s birthday? Throw a party! Engagement? Throw a party! Friday?

Throw a party! Sometimes the reason could just be that you want to see friends, especially as socializing over the past year has been restricted.

Research & planning

There are a plethora of cocktail recipes available online, or you could order a book for inspiration.

If you’re happy to deviate from the norm, there are lots of unusual cocktails to try out and feed your creative side.

Ensure you have enough alcohol and mixers to last the evening. 

If you are celebrating something special, why not try some champagne cocktails such as bellinis or mojitos.

If you run out of supplies on the night, don’t panic, you can get a champagne delivery direct to your door within 30 minutes, so you can continue your cocktail soiree.

There are a selection of popular champagnes as well as beer, wine, and cider for those who want to pass on the cocktails.

If you want to be super organized, why not prepare a cocktail menu and place it on the wall or provide printouts.

This will save you explaining what’s on offer to each person and help make the evening smooth and stress-free.

Look online for cocktail accessories such as mini umbrellas, decorations, shakers, and ice crushers.

They don’t have to cost a fortune; look at sites such as eBay and Amazon for inexpensive purchases.

Invest in stylish glasses. Using the right glasses will add a classy feel to your party. Many online retailers offer discounts for bulk buys, so compare prices to find a good deal.

A Home Cocktail Party, All You Need To Know

If you’re not familiar with the process of making cocktails, then you can watch some YouTube videos for ideas and techniques to create the perfect concoction.

On the day

It’s useful to spend some time before the party cutting and slicing fruit and preparing herbs so it’s ready when serving drinks.

Make sure the glasses are clean and sparkling before guests arrive.

For an authentic atmosphere, wear a cocktail dress or dress up in a stylish outfit with high heels and impress your guests.

Be sure to let guests know when sending invitations that the evening requires ‘cocktail attire’ so everyone can contribute to making the evening feel extra special.

In anticipation of an alcoholic fueled evening, you should provide some food to soak up it up.

Finger foods that are simple and easy to grab are ideal if people get peckish.

Set food out beforehand so you can fully concentrate on creating the perfect cocktail for your guests.

Hosting a cocktail party is exciting, so put on your best smile and enjoy every moment.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.