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A Christmas Gift That Will Touch The Hearts Of Many: “The Legacy Letters”

Pull out your tissues and get ready to wipe the tears. Are you ready for a heart-tugging story? Imagine a couple that decides to separate. The husband finds out he’s diagnosed with a terminal illness. The wife finds out she’s pregnant and she’s pregnant with twins. The husband wants to spare his wife the shocking news. He ends up going to live in a remote area. And, what he does there is amazing. He creates The Legacy Letters: his wife, his children, his final gift.


In the story, these letters are meant to be a sort of gift for the husband’s wife and children. However, they go on to become more than that. They become a gift for us all to read, learn from, and cherish. The letters are also a sort of “life guide” for his children (and, truthfully, for the reader, too).

I love the unique format of this book. It’s very creative. The letters speak to the reader almost as if the father is actually with and speaking to his children. He teaches them lessons about music, work, reading, love, and much, much more.

This book will make many cry, laugh, and really, truly think! It makes one think about life and death, the finiteness of life on earth, the mistakes one makes, the people one loves, and a lot more. So prepare for an amazing journey of contemplation!

Awards Well Deserved For The Legacy Letters

This book has won various awards. And, what’s different about this book is that it has won awards in both the fiction and nonfiction categories, which is unusual for a book to accomplish. The awards this book has received include:

  • Mom’s Choice Awards – Gold Medal – Best Inspirational/Motivational,
  • Reader Views Literary Award – 1st Place – Best Spiritual/Inspirational,
  • Reviewer’s Choices – Gold Medal – Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year,
  • Readers’ Favorite – Gold Medal – Best Inspirational Fiction, and
  • International Book Awards – Cross-Genre Fiction.

This book, needless to say, would make an amazing and very special Christmas gift for many! Pick some up to give as gifts and pick one up for yourself to read. The book is available on Amazon. Right now, it’s available for $0.99 in the Kindle version, which is an amazing steal. I’d snatch that up quickly, as a deal like that may not last long. You can also purchase it in a beautiful hardcover format for $21.95. You can also purchase the book at Barnes & Noble where the book is $21.95 for the hardcover and $9.99 for the NOOK version. (Prices are subject to change.)

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