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9 Ways A Man Can Make His Wife Very Happy

If you are married, then it’s your duty to keep your wife happy.

Despite what you might think, you don’t actually need a reason to do something nice for your wife, you can just do something for her because you love her.

If you intend on doing something for your wife, then it’s a very good idea to first do a little online research, so that you can figure out exactly what you should do.

This post will offer nine tips for making your wife happy, that you can use for yours:

9 Ways A Man Can Make His Wife Very Happy


Unless you are in an asexual relationship, the best way to impress and please your wife is to provide her with sexual satisfaction.

If you are not very good at sex, then according to the sex gurus from The Pleasure Keys, reading expertly written blogs is a very effective way of learning about how to give your wife more pleasure in the bedroom.

In addition to reading blogs, it’s also maybe worth talking to your wife. Sit down and explain to her that you want to be better in the bedroom.

Ask her exactly what she likes, then you can give her it.


In addition to listening to her about what she wants in the bedroom, you also need to listen to what she wants from life, and most importantly, you.

You can learn a lot from listening to your wife because she probably knows you better than anyone else.

It is also important to just sit down and listen to her for no other reason than to give her someone to talk to so that she can get things off of her mind.

This is especially important if she has a full-time job because she needs somebody to vent to.


Learning about your wife’s interests will make making her happy a lot easier.

When you know what it is that your wife likes, you will be able to get her better gifts and take her out to places that she actually wants to go to.

The best way to learn about your wife’s interests is to ask her.

Most women will be annoyed at first that you don’t know what they are interested in but will eventually tell you.

Many will just be pleased that you actually want to know what they are interested in at all.

Men have a habit of being very driven and focused on their own interests, which can be very hard for a woman to deal with because their interests often go ignored.


If you want to please your wife, then get her a gift.

There doesn’t need to be a special occasion for you to get your wife a gift.

If you are going to get her something, then try to get her something that you know that she wants.

Many men are in the habit of buying things that they want their wife to like, rather than buying them something that they actually like themselves.

Buying a gift for one’s wife is a great way of cheering them up if they are going through a rough patch.


Make sure that you groom yourself.

Most women don’t like it when men look rough and dirty. Unless your wife has specifically told you that she likes you having a beard or looking rough, shave and take care of yourself.

You also need to consider the fact that if you do not take care of yourself and if you look unkempt, then other people in your daily life might not take you very seriously and might even think that you don’t care about the way that you look, which can be very bad for your reputation.


Make sure that you show your wife affection as much as you can.

Affection can be anything, from a kiss on the cheek to a hug.

If your wife doesn’t like being touched (which some women don’t), then affection could come in the form of compliments, which will be addressed next.

Showing your wife affection is a way of showing her that you care about her and that you love her.


If your wife usually cooks your meals for you, then taking over and cooking for her can make her very happy.

This is especially true if she works a full-time job. It’s not fair to expect your wife to cook for you all of the time, even if you are working full-time yourself.

Find out what your wife’s favorite meal is, and then cook it for her. You could create a rotor with her, whereby you cook some days, and she cooks on other ones.

You can also cook with your wife, which can be a great way of bonding and sharing responsibilities with her.


Make sure to give your wife regular compliments.

It is especially important to give your wife compliments if she is concerned that she is not beautiful, which many women unfortunately are.

Beauty standards in modern society are set abnormally high, which leaves many women feeling inadequate.

All women are beautiful. It’s important to stress this to your wife if she feels unsure of herself.

Even if she is confident in her appearance, it’s still good to give her compliments, because it means that you are noticing, which she will most definitely appreciate you doing.


Lastly, be sure to take your wife out on dates. A lot of men as they settle into a relationship forget the importance of dates and stop taking their wives out.

If you want to keep your marriage exciting and new, then take your wife out for a date once in a while. A good place to go is the movie theater.

After you have taken her to see a film, then you can take her out for food. Taking your wife out for dates can spice up your relationship and restore intimacy.

You can also go for walks, hikes, and perform outdoor sports together.

If you are married, then you need to make sure that you keep your wife happy. An unhappy wife is an unhappy life, as the saying goes.

Pleasing one’s wife is not as difficult or complex as many men make it out to be. If you have been struggling, then follow this post’s guidance

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.